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Saddam Free???


with his trial seeming to be going nowhere,what do you think will happen to him when G.W. is out of office in a couple of years,will he be the guy they need to bring control back to iraq?? Or will he be off to another country living it up?? Thoughts??


He will be rotting in a shallow, unmarked grave.


With any luck.


Some one would surely kill him..


I'm fairly certain that if it weren't for the U.S. demanding he get a fair trial in order to look good for the world, he would have just been taken out and shot as soon as he was found.


He will be living in a luxury home on the west coast of the US, i am sure.


Possibly living with Striesand, Baldwin, Penn or one of the other leftist hollywood kooks who have long ago detached themselves from reality. After all, they thought he was a good guy right?


Did they? I know they were outspoken against war, but I don't remember any love letters between them and Saddam. Perhaps you can point to some sources?

My memory could certainly be failing me... or perhaps I just never saw it.


Penn went over there and kissed his ass.