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Our Special Forces Units captured saddam this morning living in a rat infested hole. ALL GOOD GUYS ARE REJOICING IN THIS TREMENDOUS ACHIEVEMENT!!! The murderer of 2 million will now receive justice!!! I think that it sends a strong message to all the bad guys throughout the world. If you threaten the United States, support terrorism, invade your neighbors, murder your people, you will be reduced to living in a 6x6, rat-infested hole. But, we will find you. Don’t underestimate the power of deterrence.
For all the bad guys (lumpy, kuri, restless, jpfitness, monquebec, etc…) just wanted to remind you that if the Good Guys had listened to you, saddam would still be putting people through the paper shredders. Oh, good luck to your democratic candidate.

hillary in 2004!!!

How did the numbers get inflated to 2 million? It was only a couple hundred, and he never meant to kill the Kurds. The Iranians had infiltrated Halabja and the Iraqis fired chemical weapons with mortars (not helicopters ir anything else) and no more than 400 got killed accidently (not that it excuses him). It’s bad, but not as bad as 2 million or whatever it has been exaggerated as. Maybe you should compare what the USA has done with what Iraq has done. Over the last 60 years the USA has killed 12 million & has caused massive harm to the lives of maybe hundreds of millions of others in every corner of the world (includeing Canada).

aahh, so the truth comes out! he’s canadian!


You’re good. But I told you I was done playing with you and I meant it. Besides, get your story straight. Santa Clause is the real killer, but nobody ever wants to talk about that. Look up the statistics on how much shit falls out of his sleigh and kills people every year. Not only that but he has sweat shops in like every third world country.

Umm, except for Iraq of course, where has the US been the aggressor?

Monsoir…STFU. Your writing from Canada…and since you guys didn’t support us…you have no opinion that has validity or context on this here forum thread…

Yes, monsiour. We’re on the path to world domination through the destruction of all others. Give the Republicans a few more terms in office and we’ll be there, by the grace of God. You are all going to die, you filthy non-Americans.

Just assuming that’s what you want to hear.

Your Frenchness is showing.You should move down here and become a volunteer with Hillary,in fact you could be her speech writer.HOOAH!

actually, the crab people are to blame.

yes it is good that he can no longer carry out the atrocities.

M Quebec you certainly have a point

Hey Big Dave the US government has documentation is readily available to verify the following indisputable facts:

  • Attempting to overthrow more than 40 foreign governments. (including Georgia a couple weeks ago)
  • Unprovoked military invasion of some 20 sovereign nations.
  • Working to crush more than 30 populist movements which were fighting against dictatorial regimes.
  • Providing indispensable support to a small army of brutal dictatorships: Mobutu of Zaire, Pinochet of Chile, Duvalier of Haiti, Somoza of Nicaragua, the Greek junta, Marcos of the Philippines, Rhee of Korea, the Shah of Iran, 40 years of military dictators in Guatemala, Suharto of Indonesia, Hussein of Iraq, the Brazilian junta, Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, the Taliban of Afghanistan, and others.
  • Dropping powerful bombs on the people of about 25 countries, including 40 consecutive days and nights in Iraq, 78 days and nights in Yugoslavia, and several months in Afghanistan, all three of these countries having met the first requirement as an American bombing target, being completely defenseless. And not once ever has the United States come even close to repairing the great damage caused by its bombings. Afghanistan and Iraq are of course the latest examples.
  • Increasing use of depleted uranium, one of the most despicable weapons ever designed by mankind, which produces grossly deformed babies amongst its many endearing qualities, and which, in a civilized world not intimidated by the United States, would be categorically banned.
  • Repeated use of cluster bombs, another fiendish device designed by a mad scientist, which has robbed numerous young people of one or more limbs, and some of their eyesight, and continues to do so every day in many countries as the bombs remain on the ground.
  • Assassination attempts on the lives of some 40 foreign political leaders.
  • Crude interference in dozens of foreign democratic elections. (including Canada, 1963 & 1984)
  • Gross manipulation of labor movements.
  • Shameless manufacture of “news”, the disinformation effect of which is multiplied when CIA assets in other countries pick up the same stories.
  • Providing handbooks, materials and encouragement for the practice of torture.
  • Chemical or biological warfare or the testing of such weapons, and the use of powerful herbicides, all causing terrible effects to the people and environments of China, Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Panama, Cuba, Iraq, Afghanistan, Serbia and elsewhere.
  • Encouragement of drug trafficking in various parts of the world when it served the CIA’s purposes.
  • Supporting death squads, particularly in Latin America.
  • Causing grievous harm to the health and well-being of the world’s masses (including Canada, 1995) by turning the screws of the IMF, World Bank, WTO, and other international financial institutions, as well as by imposing unmerciful sanctions and embargoes.

so the name calling continues…

let me just remind people. capturing saddam is a pretty good moral victory. but what do you think he’s gonna say about WMD–A) theyre at x,y-- or B) you stupid fucks, we got rid of them in 1991??

good job mr. 25-million-richer, whoever you are.

Bin Laden will be next. All of these animals will be captured. America is the Guiding Light. Just remember we have two ASS Cheeks you can kiss.

Quebec, the liberals that actually think rather than spew don’t need your radical rewriting of history, thanks.

Yah, the people who wanted a democratic process before taking our country to war sure are the bad guys…

I still find the Hillary bashing funny. Shes not a frontrunner for the democrats, but people hate her because of her relation with Bill Clinton. I bet the majority of people couldn’t describe her platform without looking it up, but hating her sounds so cool.

I still think its not Sadaam, but its like faceoff where some dude has Sadaam’s face on him and is now getting prosecuted as Sadaam!! hehe

hey sackocrack,

i thought about that too… but it’s very likely that the forces gassed the place before they went in. just rendering them all unconscious and taking them prisoner without incident. didn’t they describe saddam as delirious during his examination?.. he looked like he had just waken up from a long nap. i believe it’s the actual saddam.

“I bet the majority of people couldn’t describe her platform without looking it up, but hating her sounds so cool.”

i just happen to know this one off hand. her goal is to try to show that bush is inept, a liar, an idiot, etc. and that the whole war campaign was based on a lie - that weapons of mass destruction were in iraq.

Note to PtrDR,

I would check your facts, friend. Canada has provided the United States with rock solid tactical and moral support throughout countless military engagements. While our public support for the US Free Iraq campaign was lukewarm at best (due to our adherence to UN policies), lest you forget we were among the first to back you up in Afghanistan- and had 4 young soldiers killed by a trigger happy US fighter pilot (call sign “Psycho”). I believe Rumsfeld called the whole incident “unfortunate”. BTW- did that ever make major US media? Imagine the PR shitstorm if it was American boys being killed by a reckless Canadian or Brit?

When a certain writer called Quebecers the white niggers of America, I am sure he had the racists and rednecks* of the likes of MON Q in mind.

  • Racist and rednecks versus anybody who speaks English. Belay that. Racist and redneck towards anybody who is not unilingually Quebec speaking. I mention Quebec speaking because even though French is used the accent is far from the many ones known in France. The French cousins are not liked that much either. Which just confirms the racist redneck profile.

how did saddam grow a beard so quickly?. That was quite a big beard.