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Sad, Pathetically Insecure, but Laughable


Amazing what fake plates will do for your ego isn't it?

Even better is getting all your friends to click on the video and then give thumbs up to the comments about how L337 you are. rofl. People are dumb.


wow, wild homo.


Don't hate just cuz he's soooooo strong. LOL!!!


That's pretty lame


I facepalmed at the comments.


Yeah, I can't believe some people believed it. I think it's at some weird show where they let people look cool by benching crazy weight. Some weird way to advertise something I guess.


At least he could have made it look a little difficult. LOSER!


i would have straight up curled that shit for 23 reps.


You think that's bad.. read his page comments...

"what aas cycle u r on with? "


this was at the arnold classic this past year at anabolic extreme's booth!! i walked past that set up a hundred times and laughed at all the wannabe's taking pictures and high fiving their friends thinking they were awesome.

little kids play pretend. lol


HAHA those comments are piss funny, some people are fucking stupid.


some? I'm amazed how fuckin stupid some people can be. Seriously.


I love how he pauses... not even out of breath, and asks the camera man how many... lol :smiley:


The guy was just kidding around, so I don't think it's pathetic or insecure. If you read the description of the video, he makes it sound like a joke. Regarding the World's Strongest Man competion:

"The guy who runs it hinted that I might be a little too strong and it would be unfair to the other competitors. So I just won't lift any weights for the next year to level the playing field."

The comments are pretty bad though. Youtube is interesting in that it's one place you can go to find out the thoughts of the dumbest people alive.


After a comparison I prefer the way you put it.


That's so true it's frightening. I have a migraine and a permanent lump on my forehead from repeatedly facepalming people's comments. I try not to read too many, or I might lose hope for humanity.


That's wat they use in photoshoots...for mags.


Would be funnier if someone got a pic just doing curls with it


Yeah that's true. The guy seemed to take it too seriously.


I'm surprised someone didn't post "What song is that?"