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Sad News, Larry Scott has Alzheimers

Just read this over on Joe Roark’s site, posted by Ray Nobile

“just read on strength old school, larry has been diagnosed with alzheimers. once you have this its downhill all the way.my father who is 88 has been in an old folks home for the past year. he was diagnosed 2 years ago, he was very fit and healthy up till then, now he doesnt reconise my mother or any of his family. my condolences go to larry and his wife.”

This is incredibly sad news for me. Larry Scott inspired countless workouts and ideas of mine

Wow that sucks. I always loved Larry’s physique, and even tried his hyper-growth protein powder when I was first trying to get a handle on all of the zillions of supplements out there.

I recently watched ‘The Evolution of Bodybuilding’ DVD, and while a bit fuzzy, which is to be expected when recalling events from so long ago, he seemed pretty together during his segments. This truly saddens me. Wishing his family all the best in dealing with this horrible turn of events.



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EDIT: Sorry Elven didnt realise you were quoting and that it wasnt your father you were talking about.

:frowning: indeed.

Larry was one of the greats.

I love Larry Scott.

You can tell by his eyes and his genuine smile that he is a really nice guy.

i got a chance to meet Larry scott at one of the night of champions contest here in nyc. he was a very nice guy, friendly and even gave me a autograph. this news sadden me deeply. i wish him the best may God help him and his family.

That really sucks. One of the true greats…