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Sad and Confused

Hi people
First i would like to thank everybody who responded to my last e-mail regarding breaking up with my g-f after 3 years.Anyway i have an update on the situation,its a little long but i would like my fellow t-maggers opinion’s

Ok as i said in an earlier post about 2 weeks ago,my girl and i split after 3 years well not really split just “time apart” well everything was going good,she even came around and we slept together a few times with no strings attatched :smiley:

So she has a lot of male friends,thats fair enough doesnt bother me,but there is this one dude who is 34 she is 21 im 24 and she has been talkin to him recently.

We were really starting to enjoy each other’s company again and she rang me and told me she is going to her friends house which is this 34 year old guy,ok i thought but he lives 15 miles out of town,so he picks her up and they watch some movies,now i wasnt impressed with her going out there but we we not together so who am i to say where she goes.

So that night she kept msg me saying i just want to come home and be with u,i was like good shit,things are going well again :open_mouth:

But that night i had a dream that she fucked him :frowning: woke up feelin like crap,so now its my dad’s 60 th b-day and she rings me and said she had a good time watching movies and stuff and told me she slept at his house because it was 2am before the movies finished and didnt want 2 put him out by him driving back to town and so forth.i was like oooooooooooook i trust her but i have a very suspicious mind

So now she goes on holidays saying she has 2 get away for a week to sort her head out.

I get a msg on my phone 4 days later saying she was coming home 2 work things out wif me YAHOOO i think :smiley:

So she kept saying she wasnt looking foward to it because she would not like what i have 2 say,i was like um ok

So i pick her up and i said as a joke what did u sleep wif him or something and when i looked across at her tears were coming down her face and she was nodding :frowning: Mother fucker was i pissed off,i was saying shit like did he wear a rubber,how much older is he blah blah blah my heart literally broke,but we were not goin out at the time so she found a loop hole :frowning: i said i could have done the same thing but didnt,i thought id wait c what happens u know.

But the worst bit came when she said all she could think of was me when she was doing it OUCH :frowning: so after all that she was saying it was the biggest mistake of her life and how it just happened,im likw yeah his dick just slid in accidentlly :confused: but we got 2 talking and her saying she wanted me back.

Well i have what i wanted but she slept with this dude :frowning: well that night i took her home and fucked her 3 times,funny enough “best sex ever” :smiley:
So we were back together for now,but as the week went on we were getting angry at each other again,same thing as before,that was ok until on friday she rand my mobile,she was like how u goin blah blah blah ,she was down at the club at 5 o’clock and i was oh ok who u down there with and she said u dont want to know,i said just tell me and she said that dudes name which she slept with,so i went off again and said fuck it if u keep seeing him we are through for good,well we had words and stuff and agreed that time is our best bet,she said its not like that with him that she just enjoys his company but fuck i dont go hanging around with other girls :frowning:

So we are back 2 square one ,but my problem is i dont think i trust her anymore after what she done :frowning: im just soo angry and thought id share my looooooooong story with u guys.

What do u all think about this?


I think you’re a pussy.

why are you wasting your time with this cunt?

stevenf…lmfao! funniest thing ive heard in a long time.

if you have feelings for her then dont bother man… if she slipped up this one time, she’ll slip up again, that’s guaranteed… if you dont have feelings for her just get as much sex as you can before she catches something and spreads it to you

I gather from your use of phrases like “ring her up” and words like “holiday” that youre british but that’s no excuse to be a pussy.
Youre a fool for allowing her to have male friends. They are always slimey fuckers waiting in the wings to fuck your girlfriend first chance they get, and if you allow it then you get what you deserve.
I wouldnt take back a girl that fucks her male friends shortly after a break up from our 3 year relationship.
Dump her and get a new “bird” or whatever you guys call em…

Nobody can actually be this fucking stupid…can they???

Show some backbone and have dignity for yourself comrade. Unless you grab your balls and step back out in the world you aren’t going to do anything but end up with a girl that takes advantage of you. That’s what’s happening. She knows she can fuck whoever she wants and you’ll take her back. You’re setting yourself up for failure.


It may sound harsh,but whatever you once had with this girl is now over.
The very best thing you can do is to walk away and cut all contact with her.

Otherwise she is going to continue playing you both off against each other,at the moment that is exactly what she is doing,so be a man take control of the situation and kick her into touch.

You’re a pussy.She’s a cunt.You were made for each other.

Not very constuctive replies there…

I think you’ve answered your question in your post. You can’t handle her being with the other guy. Sounds like you need to sit down and sort things out once and for all.

It seems like you can’t live with her and you can’t live without her…

Talk to her sort it out, tell her of your feelings about this other guy and then you can both decide what to do.


Maybe if a building fell on you, you would see the picture more clearly.

People break up for reasons that rarely change. Get the hint, look at the situation objectively.

If one of your friends told you the same story you have just told us what would you tell him to do?

You are one confused little man! Did you have any sort of father figure at all growing up? I ask this in all seriousness. You just don’t seem to understand how men act when confronted with this sort of situation. Let me give you a few “fatherly” facts:

  1. You are spending some of the best years of your young life worried about a slut.

  2. That 34 year old guy you mentioned can have your girlfriend anytime he wants. All he has to do is snap his fingers. There is a special attraction between a younger woman of 21 or so, and an older man of 34.

  3. She keeps doing what she wants and coming back to you because she knows you are a world class wimp who she can control.

If you want to continue to string her along,like she is doing to you, while you go out with other girls, fine. Otherwise, it’s time to wake up and “move on” as they say. And remember, if you are not sure that you can trust someone, you usually can’t! Don’t spend another second worried about someone whom you can’t trust.

I hate to tell you Lips but the reason that you had the best sex ever when you hooked back up is that she was probably thinking of the other guy. Get a grip man. The fact that she is calling you from a bar while with this bum is proof that she just wants to hurt you. Maybe you deserve it or maybe you don’t. Only you know. However, you can take her sadistic fun away from her. Block her emails. Put a phone block on her number. Hit on her best friend. Grow some balls man.

Hmm, I was about to defend you, especially after reading all the replies calling you a pussy. I mean she messed up once…then i went back and read the last paragraph. Now, I’d have to say, well, You’re a pussy.
If she messed up once, fine. Everyone fucks up. But to be hanging out with him? You’re the nice guy to hang out with and fuck sometimes, and he’s just someone to fuck her whenever she wants some different meat.
Time to find a new girl…or fuck someone else, you’ll be suprised how quickly she cuts that shit out when she learns that you wont just be sitting home wacking your willy while she’s out getting her butt stuffed.

If she’s so heartless as to go hang out with the guy she just cheated on you with, then dump her ass. I mean, come on.

It is time for you to nut up and be a man. Stop being her whipping boy and stand up to her. She is just a game playing whore who is trying to play both you and the other guy. Cut the cold hearted bitch out of your life and start over.


Is that pussy speak for “with”?

I was once a pussy like you. I look back on the time I wasted with the cheating bitch and I just want to beat the shit out of myself. I don’t know what will make you snap out of your pussydom, but I hope it happens fast.

Use this as an opportunity to try the most deviant sexual act you’ve always wanted to try, then kick her ass out of your place as soon as you’re through.

women…can’t live with’em, can’t kill’em…