SAD and BCAA's

This is more of a general question, but I was watching a TED talk called “Sugar – the elephant in the kitchen: Robert Lustig”.

At around 11:45 he starts listing the problems with the Standard american diet. What caught me is that he says that one of the problems is that SAD provides too much BCAA’s.

Does any one know what he is referring too?

I realize that the so-called standard American diet is deficient in many regards, but I don’t take much heed of what Lustig has to say. His argumentation is somewhat wacky. Check out Alan Aragon’s response to Lustig’s opinions and the ensuing “debate” in the comments thread.

It just seemed odd to me to include it in that list. I am wondering if he took the fact the BCAA’s are generally elevated in obese people as a causal effect of being obese. A pretty big leap on Lustigs part if true.

I have read bodybuilders on this site mention that too much valine can cause depression. I suppose it may be related to that.