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Sacrum and Pelvis Issues


Hello everyone!

Im relatively new to this forum - ive found some pretty useful info here, but wasn't sure if im on the right track

Background: Amateur weight-lifter - 6ft 3 - 171 lbs.

I injured myself about a year ago in a stair fall - nothing to major, felt a slight pop. I started running about three months afterward - and my sacrum (left side) hurt immensely. I've been through rehab and therapy, it definitely better, but still occasionally pops in and out and my left glute is way weaker than the right one - Any advice?

About three months ago i decided to take things into my hands and started doing planks with leg raises - one stupid mistake on my behalf. My right hip flexor got stronger and stronger and now its reached a point where it pulls down my pelvis (right side) and gives me knee pain. So now im in a double trouble scenario - unstable SIJ (left) and a pelvis being pulled forward (right)

Any advice would be really really appreciated!!


Sounds a bit like what im going through.

tight piriformis pulling sacrum, belt line hip muscle tightness, QL is like a rock, tight right psoas.

im a mess and its frustrating as shit because ive been going to art and chiros since late march.


Hi folks,

Just writing as a follow-up to the original post.

Been a while since i tweaked the back. The good is i can dead lift some pretty solid poundage's now - doing 315 at 160 body weight. The pelvis is definitely more so stable.

The bad is the SIJ is still somewhat unstable - im not sure how to tackle this. Done a lot of stretching, core work, been to three PT's etc.

I've recently started Russian twists - we'll see how that goes.

Any advice would be really appreciated.


It would be great to get some advice or prior experience from people who have overcome a similar type of injury.

My GF, beginning of last year, had a bulging L5 disc from kettlebell swings, which subsequently turned into sciatica. She has now got rid of the sciatica and the bulging disc has fixed itself, but suffers from almost the exact pain you are describing.

She has had so much therapy - you name it and she has tried/doing it -she last week went to a back specialist, who is supposed to be one of the best in Australia, he told her that because she is hyper mobile, the pain is caused by over-releasing the muscle around the sacrum- from all the therapy she gets - and basically everytime that she releases these muscles that short term pain relief is had but the muscles seize back up to stabilise the area, causing the tightness and pain. Therefore, he told her that she needs to strengthen her pelvic floor, core and generally get stronger. Although she agrees, in principal, she thinks there is something more to the clicking/popping in her SIJ joint.

What type of exercises did you find helped you? And has the pain subsided significantly? or still just as bad?


I hope your GF makes a fast and speedy recovery -

Honestly the two most that have helped are:

1) Step - ups, low height very good form.
2) One leg RDL's - very low weight but a full ROM -
3) Magnificent Mobility everyday

I am guilty of consistency on the step - ups. I will start to incorporate them more often. But i still think i really need to hit that area - the trick is the SIJ is just tough to target. Its not like the elbow or shoulder that you could do isolation work on.

I am starting Russian twists and a deadlift variation that ill post (if its bears results)

Lastly i have thought about swimming - but its tough to find a pool in NYC lol.

And yes i havent much on these forums or on the internet in general about how folks have recovered from this type of injury - but hope someone will eventually post.


Some of these have been helping me.



Thanks Fletch - i have been trying those for a while, esp during the initial phases of my injury - they do help stabilize the SIJ for sure.

I've also incorporated very strict form salute planks - they really hit your core. I will try them for a full week and report back if it bears any positive results.


Great work strider and Fletch. Thanks a lot for the help.


Strider - quick question - Do you include weights on the step ups?



Yea sure - no weight, but very strict form. Mike Robertson had a really good article on some exercises in which he touched upon the step-up.

Russian twists - it can cause your psoas to get locked up esp. if your SIJ is unstable. I'm avoiding them.

Salute planks - yet to try.


I wanted to share an update folks - i've made some really good progress. The SIJ and pelvis feel much more stable. My lifts have been better and i am getting a lot more depth on my squats (only doing goblet squats currently)

I've started using kettle-bell through legs. Found it in one of Martin Rooney's books. This exercise will smoke you - and it hits the SIJ at the right angles. The ligaments of the SIJ run at angles. Any exercise i'd do in the vertical plane didn't really make much of a difference. Kettle-bell through legs is a money exercise.

I'm regularly doing mobility exercise as well - and stretching.