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Sacroilliac Joint Pain


Hey, I found out that the lower-back pain I've been having is actually in the sacroilliac joint. So far I've been told to get ART in the region. Are there any other treatments that you guys would recommend? Thanks.


That's a tough spot bro.

One thing that has lead to problems for me in that area was inflexibility, specially the hamstrings.

The art will help a bunch. If you are trainging with bigger weights, a inversion table or somekind of unloading will also help.



Inflexibility you say, strange. I can quite easily touch my toes, and can almost put my palms to the floor, but I can't do that anymore because my back hurts to much when I'm stretching.

I'm going to start doing spinal decompressions by hanging off a pullup bar after all squat sessions, although I most likely won't be squatting for a while as it is exceptionally painful to do so.


Oh, forgot to ask, is this something that I will have to live with my whole life, or will it go away? I'm only 14 and don't want be fucked when I've barely started.

Also, how can I train around this in the mean time?


My mother had a bad SI joint injury. She had to get surgery on it. Helped a ton. Very few doctors know what to do.

If you oddly need to have surgery on it (I hope not, that would be the extreme issue), PM me and I can give you the name of the doc that is basically cutting edge on the topic.


Have you had an MRI saying that you're for sure dealing with an SI problem? I had one doc tell me that it was my SI, and when I finally got them to get me an MRI I had herniated my L4-5 and needed surgery.

If you know for sure though, I obviously have less experience with that injury.


I have recovered from an SI joint problem just recently. It popped one day doing 80% on the deadlift and was in tremendous pain the following week. Couldn't even stand up straight it hurt so bad. I have seen reg doctors, physical therapists and a chiropractor. I only started to notice the healing process take off when I went to the Chiropractor. I had an MRI, x-ray and a bone scan and sll came back negative for anything serious. But of all the treatment I received the Chiropractor helped the most.

my 2ยข


i suffered the same injury you have right now in almost the same way you did (i had a bad spotter and good morninged up some heavy weight with a round back).

i ended up with sacroiliac joint pain as well and also went for ART.

the first ART doc didn't do jack shit for me, but the second one discovered i had extremely tight erectors, near the sacroiliac joint and even further up.

i couldn't squat for a long time due to SI join pain, but i noticed an almost immediate effect when i started massaging those erectors.

try it out.



I didn't have the MRI or the surgery, but I was being treated for an SI problem for about 2 months. The pain wasn't going away and the more I squatted, the tighter my hips got. I finally went to an ART/Chiro who treats a ton of powerlifters and he diagnosed an L4-5 disc bulge. Some tranction fixed me up almost immediately and then we went to work on all the associated tightness in the area that the bulge had brought on.


Ive had a similar problem. Make sure your back is not rounding in the bottom of the squat. You will probably need to do mobility/foamrolling/ART/stretching if it is.

I also was squatting a bit to one side (leg), so make sure you are symmetrical too.