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Sacroilliac Joint Dysfunction?

Does anyone here have SI joint dysfunction? I’ve been dealing with it for a couple of months now. I’m wondering how others deal with it and how or if you have adjusted your training.

no one has this issue? i thought it was pretty common. anyway, i cut off my chiro visits to save the money. now i have my lady crack my back and hips at home everyday. that and stretching/rolling the IT bands is helping alot.

Oh the lovely SI Joint
This sucks, I remembered when mine clicked back in to place, it was great.

You need to stretch the shit out of your hips and legs. Quads, hams,adductors, abductors, glutes, hip flexors.
You have to strengthen obliques, transverse abdominus, ql, glutes.
My SI dysfunction was from a car accident and weak muscles on one side of my body and strong tight muscles on the other.
Stretch out every day and do rehab exercises for the muscles I mentioned above.
Good luck

I injured mine from deadlifting negligently several years ago but have gone on to break my old PR by 100lbs since. Just took a lot of time to figure out how to train around it and a lot of arduous grinding with mobility and prehab.

I still deal with it, but I’ve learned to cope.

Mine makes the loudest cracking noise I’ve ever heard. I’ve gotten adjustments but it eventually just eased with time. I make a point to do more hip work now as a result.

Go visit a dentist to check your jaw. TMJ has caused my SI joint dysfunction and I was in pain for 2 years. The jaw, neck and SI joint are connected.


By the way, I tried everything before. Even prolotherapy. No success until
my jaw/neck issue was corrected.

Saw a specialist today for thoracic spine issues, he also noticed I had some funky stuff going on with my sacroiliac joint but didn’t give much details. I was taking in a lot of information as it was. I am awaiting his full written assessment of me which should arrive next week, am I likely to be facing a lot of difficulties? Is the sacroiliac joint difficult to treat?