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Sacroiliac Belt For SI Laxity

I’m fairly certain I have an SI joint problem on my left side. I do the stretches, tissue work, exercises, and mobility specified for it and it gets better. This can be exacerbated my poor exercise balance but it’s mostly bothered at work where I move a lot of 30-60lb boxes and sack off of pallets from varying heights, shelves including in awkward corners, and off the floor, and the pallets themselves.

Usually, it’ll actually be made better after a gym workout because I can use good lifting mechanics and some special exercises up my sleeve that help, but at work there’s sometimes just not a perfect way to move and lift something. There’s only bad and worse.

I was wondering if a SI belt would be good for this and what the best brand would be?

I would get a positive diagnosis before trying to solve a problem that might not exist.

There are MANY ailments that could manifest themselves as SI joint problems. Herniations, annular tears, uneven limb length, muscle tightness, muscle imbalances…the list goes on. What makes you so certain it is SI joint?

A doctor could tell oyu for sure by injecting coritsone or some numbing agent into the joint and see if it improves the symptoms.

I’ve tried a lot of different things for back health and it never got better, but when I did things specifically for SI problems things started getting better. I don’t have any health insurance and I don’t make a whole lot so I can’t afford multiple doctor’s visits. Especially specialists. So it’s pretty much all up to me to assess, diagnose, and treat.