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Sacrifice What You Are, For What You Could Become



Following a 5/3/1 split, with some added GPP stuff.

Diet is at maintenance right now having just finished dropping down a bit, gonna cruise for the next 5-6weeks then start dropping down again.

Carb Cycling:
High days: 150g carbs 2600 cal,
Mod days 100g carbs 2400cal,
Low days trace carbs, 2000 cal

All carbs are coming peri-workout, mainly in the form of fruits (raisins at the mo)

Diet looks roughly like:

Breakfast - 200g Meat (Beef usually), 50g nuts, veggies
Lunch - 200g meat, 50g nuts, veggies
Dinner - 200g meat (ground beef or steak etc), 10g walnut oil (for cooking), veggies
Before Bed - 1 1/2 scoops whey, 4 eggs.

2 scoops whey, 5g creatine, 100-200g raisins

Other Supplements/Staples: 10g Fish oil, 8000iu Vit D, Multi.

Weight - 78kg
Height - 5ft6
Bodyfat - 10-12%

Best Stats-
Back Squat - 325lb 1rm
Deadlift - 170kg 2rm
Bench - 225lb 1rm
Push Press - 205lb 1rm

NOTE - I am only mainly recording the top set I do...this is obviously being ramped up to over 3-5 sets


Monday 12/4 - Military day (week2)

Main lift:
Standing Military - work upto 160lb x6

Accessory work:
Top half Pin Press - work upto 205lb x5
DB Flye Press with 5sec eccentric - work upto 35kg x5
60 BW Chins performed throughout

Supplementary work:
Rear Delt Cable Pulls

1 mile run.


Tuesday 13/4 - Squats (week2)

Warmup - jump squats > 135lb x3

Main lift:
Front Squats > 185lb x10

Accessory work:
Lunges > 175lb x 5
Romanian Deads - 3sets 12 of 135lb

Supplementary work:
Reverse wrist curls > 50kg x10

Intended to do GHRs but calf cramped up on first rep so switched over...feels tight as now.


Thursday 15/4 - Upper (Chest focused)

Main Lift:
Flyes > 35kg DB x5

Accessory work:
Bottom half Inc Press > 155lb x6 then 115lb x25
Blast Strap BW flye 4 setsx5
Flyes 1x 8kg DB x50
60 BW Pull ups performed throughout, sets of 7.

Lateral & Bent raises


Friday 16/4 - Lower (deads)

Warmup - DB snatch

Main Lift:
Deadlift > 145kg x8

Partial Romanian Dead > 140kg x5
BOR > 60kg x15

Grip work


Monday 19/4 (week3) - Upper

Main Lift:
Military press > 170lb x2 (kinda pissed off with this but wouldnt go today)

Top Half Pin Press > 225lb x4
Flye press with 5sec eccentric > 37.5kg DB x4
60 BW Chins performed throughout in sets of 8.

Medial & Bent raises

1mile run - pace definately improving!


Tues 20/4 (week3) - Lower

Warm up - jump squats

Main Lift
Front Squat > 205lb x9

Lunges > 205lb x5
GHR > 4sets x6 BW using hands for bottom portion

Grip work 3sets
Eccentric Hammer grip Pull ups (slow as possible) 2sets

Strong session, front squat starting to fly in right direction


Thurs 22/4 - Upper (chest focused)

Main Lift:
Inc. Flye > 37.5kg DB x4

Bottom half Inc Press > 155lb x4 (lot more focused on squeezing the pec today)
Blast Strap Flye > BW 10lb x5
60 Pull ups performed throughout

Bent over raises > 10lb plates max out at 20reps
Extended Push ups > BW only, top set 18rep


Fri 23/4 - lower

Warm up:
Circuits - High Pull, Box Jumps, Broad Jumps.

Main Lift:
Deadlift - 145kg x5, 150kg x3, 155kg x4.

Partial Romanian Deads > 140kg x5 then 100kg x9
Inverted row > BW 45lb x5 then BWx10

Grip work


Sat 24/4

1.5mile run


Mon 26/4 - Upper (week4 DELOAD)

Warm up - Push ups, Jumping Pull ups, Inverted row

Main Lift:
Standing Military> 115lb x5

Accessory work:
Close Grip Bench > 155lb x5
DB Flye Press > 30kg x5
Chins > 20 BW reps total

Supplementary work:
Medial & Bent raises


Oh, and damn I want to buy a f*cking sled!


Tues 27/4 - Lower (week4 DELOAD)

Warm up: Jump Squats & Mobility work

Main Lift:
Front Squats >135lb x5

Accessory work:
Lunges> 155lb x5
GHRs> 3sets x5

Supplementary work:
Grip work - wrist curls, forearm curls, bicep curls - tri set.


Tues 27/4 EVENING

1.5mile run


Thursday 29/4 - Upper (week4 DELOAD)

warm up - flyes & one arm inverted row

Main Lift:
30deg Inc DB Press > 35kg x5 (for 2 sets)

Assistance work:
BW Blast strap push ups - 30reps total
Dips & Decline flyes
30 BW pull ups

Supplementary work:
Bent over one arm raises
Leaning away lateral raise

Good session on the whole, took it easy still as of the deload, but chest is feeling more 'activated' and awake, so decided to drop in the DB presses today... will switch things up to follow as above for this day for the next training cycle.


Friday 30/4 - Lower (week4 DELOAD)

Warm up - BB High Pull

Main lift:
Deadlift > 100kg x5

Assistance work:
Partial Romanian Deads >100kg x5
Inverted row >BW 5sets x10

Grip work


Monday 03/05 - Upper (week1)

Warm up- push presses

Main lift:
Standing Militaries - 135lb x5, 145lb x5, 155lb x7

65 BW chins
Close grip Bench > 2sets @ 185lb x5
Decline DB Flye press > 32.5kg x5

Bent & Leaning away raises > upto 14kg DB

Hang Clean & Press, 65lb, 30 reps as fast as possible


Tuesday 04/05 - Lower (week1)

Warm up - jumps, jump squats

Main lift:
Front Squats - 155lb x5, 175lb x5, 195lb x10

Lunges > 225lb x5 (very happy with this, and have the DOMS today to show for it !!!)
GHRs - 25 BW reps total

Grip work

Front squats, 65lb, 30reps, as fast as possible.

1.5mile run. Good pace, definately quickening up.
Will be looking into buying a sled once I move places in a few weeks and am near a park.


Thursday 06/05 Upper (week1)

Activation - flyes

Main lift:
30deg Inc DB press - 30kg x5, 32.5kg x5, 35kg x9

65 BW pull ups, sets of 8
Dips > BW+90lb x4
Feet elevated Blast Strap Push Up - 3sets max reps- 13,10,9

Lateral raises & face pulls


Friday 07/05 - Lower (week1)

Activation - Clean Pulls & Broad jumps

Main Lift:
Deadlift - 125kg x5, 135kg x5, 145kg x6

Partial Romanian Deads - 4sets 100kg x10
Inverted Row > BW+45lb x6 then BW 2sets max reps: 8,7

Grip Work

30 KB swings as fast as possible

Weights not quite as good today, but considering the legs are still trashed was fairly happy overall...Got the reps in and thats what matters :smiley: