Sacral Region Pain?

A little bit on me, I’m 16 years old, 6’1" and 180-190lbs.
I’ve been on PH3 by Layne Norton, just ended week 4 (except for the AMRAP days).
My maxes (estimated)
Bench: 205lbs
Squat: 390lbs
Deadlift: 410lbs

I have a long training history including Smolov 2 times, I was on 3x6 but I was started to stall, and decided to switch up. I been gaining strength pretty quickly.
On the other side of this I play basketball almost everyday, training my skills.

On the off days/ accessory days of PH3 I do explosive work for jumping.

On the other hand, I’ve been having some SI joint problems since September. I’ve had about 5 chiropractic adjustments to my pelvis since September thanks to my mom. Each provided temporary comfort, and although my SI joint clicks pretty often, I’ve been living pretty pain free since then, until Thursday. Also been working on my ankle flexibility especially on the left side (less dominant)

Thursday, I was doing explosive work, and I had a rest day on Wednesday. After warming up I had squatted 65% if my 1RM for 3x8 (3 sets of 8) and did 20% of my squat max for squat jumps for 3x5.

After that, I felt very normal. I felt great actually.
I went into the gym and practiced my dribble moves for about 2 hours. I sometimes feel my hips tweak during my dribbling drills because sometimes they get intense, well I’m always going hard but you know. And then I played a 32 with some folks. When I was sticking defense on some dude I remember feeling a slight tweak. After about another hour and a half, I took a break , I had taken a few breaks before, but not for too long, they were in between breaks. But after the last 32 we played, I took a break and layed out on the sidelines and went on my phone. I stayed down for about 15 minutes and when I got up, my sacral region felt SOOOOO stiff. My hips cracked a little. I went to go work on my shooting under the rim. After a while, I wrapped up, and sat back down. When I got back up about to leave I was in moderate pain. I got home and went to sleep.

I woke up Friday in immense pain. I could barely stand, and it hurts to sit down. It hurts to relax my lower back and hips. The pain is in my sacral region, and it feels like someone is squeezing my sacrum. My range of motion and ability to move quickly is out of the window. I have to take short choppy steps. The feeling is very sore. I don’t THINK it’s sciatica or a herniated disk because the pain is in my butt, about 6 inches above my rectum, between the illiac and and sacrum, and I don’t have any tingling or shootingThe SI joints really aren’t bothering me as much. This pain is though. I’ll also note that I can twist my torso to my left pretty easy, but when I try it to the right I get a funny pain and limited ROM. It feels as if something is getting yanked on, and it hurts.

I’ve gotten slightly better since yesterday, I had to practice caddying for golf yesterday, and I went to church today (hours of sitting) all of which dealt quite a bit of pain. The only thing that doesn’t really hurt is laying down on my back. This stuff is crazy.

Any advice is appreciated. I’ll be happy to post some squat form videos (if you all think that’s the case).

My squat warmup
135lbsx6 paused
225lbsx2-3 paused
275lbsx1 paused
315lbsx1 paused