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Sachin's Workout Log for 300/400/500

So I switch up between wanting to get faster/jump higher and just getting stronger. Now I’m in a strength phase and I’m hoping to hit a 300bench, 400squat, 500deadlift in 6 months. I’ve gotten a lot weaker since having medical problems the last two months, so I’m hoping I get my strength back quickly so I can get to my goal. Any advice I get here will be greatly appreciated.

Here are this weeks workouts.

ME Lower Body

ME Upper Body

DE Lower Body

DE/RE Upper Body
I’m kinda playing around with rep schemes and stuff. We’ll see how it works out.

I’m feeling stronger. I’m getting my strength back slowly, but surely. Last week my max was 300lbs and now its up to 325lbs. I should be back to normal in less then a month. Next week, I have deadlifts. I’ll try to hit 405lbs at least. I’m increasing my weight on the lunges too. Maybe I’ll be back to 225lbs lunges next week. I’ve also decided to add the movement efficiency stuff I’m doing too to show that I’m trying to maintain if not get better with being on my feet. Here’s today’s workout.

Reverse Lunge-205lbs
Calf Raises: 205lbs
Decline Weighted Abs: 80lbs

What were your numbers before your medical issues?

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
What were your numbers before your medical issues?[/quote]
My best stats were:
Bench:260lbs, Squat:365lbs, Box Squat: 350lbs. Deadlift:435lbs, Push Press:155lbsx6
I’ve also had a 29’’ vert and ran a 4.9 40yard dash.

I was sick this week so I didn’t have the most energy so I just got the two main workouts in. I didn’t do my footwork stuff or my calves and abs. For those who are wondering why I get sick all the time, I’ve never had the greatest immune system, and I was recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis so I was put on corticosteroids to help it, but in turn it made me immunocompromised. I’m doing my best to deal.

If anyone has tips for boosting my immune system, I’d appreciate it. I just take vitamin C for now. Here’s my workout from yesterday.
Speed Box Squat: 195lbs
Romanian Deadlift: 335lbs

Still kind of feeling the effects from being sick, so I got kind of lazy at the end and didnt do my abs. I also went at a bad time cuz for some reason, the gym thought it’d be a good idea to mop the floor at 3pm, so the floor was a little wet when I was doing my workout. Also, I might have jumped up in weight a little quick on the lunges, but my form got better with my other sets. I’m trying standing calf raises, but does anyone things I should do them on an actual squat rack rather then the smith machine?

Squat: 315lbs, 325lbs
Reverse Lunge: 225lbs
Calf Raises: 320lbs

Pretty good workout today. Kinda of hard with the amount of reps I did for my agility stuff. I didn’t do my abs because basketball was calling me, and now I’m dead tired. I need something to give me more energy, and something to help with recovery. Anything you guys can suggest?
Speed Box Squat: 210lbs
Romanian Deadlift: 335lbs
Standing Calf Raises: 450lbs

Getting pretty close to my strength before my medical issues. Maybe another week, but I’ll probably deload just to give my body a rest. I’m also changing my calf raises to back raises. I feel like I need to work on that more then my calves. I get good calf work from basketball and all that, but I’ll still do calf raises on my DE day. I’ve also started doing more basketball specific stuff after my workout rather then my footwork stuff before my workout. That way I can do footwork stuff and handles stuff at the same time. Well here’s the workout.
Box Squat: max-335lbs
Reverse Lunge-225lbs
Back Raise-45lbs


Good workout. I went up in weight on the RDL’s. I have a deload week coming up. I’m now debating on whether to work on my speed/vert or keep up with strength training. I also might up my reps to add more muscle. Do you think I could do a 3-5 rep max, then still do speed reps on the other day?
Speed Box Squat: 195lbs
Romanian Deadlift: 340lbs
Calf Raises: 450lbs
Bodyweight Calf Raises


Hey guys. I forgot my camera today. Its a deload week this week though so no maxing or anything.
Box Squat: 305lbs
Reverse Lunge: 225lbs
Back Raise: 45lbs

Here’s my Saturday and Monday workouts. I had a very busy weekend so I couldn’t post on time. Saturday was a deload so it didnt feel too hard. Some guy came up to me and said he was scared to try RDL’s, so I told him how to do them. Hopefully I helped him out.
Speed Box Squat: 175lbs
Romanian Deadlift: 340lbs

Today’s workout was not that great. I was tired from the activities earlier in the day. It was my first time doing a true deadlift in a while, but I was still able to hit 405lbs on the deadlift though so thats good. I’m hoping to his 425lbs next week, even though I failed at 415lbs today. Since I was so tired, I just stopped after the deadlifts and played basketball.
Deadlift: 365lbs, 405lbs, 415lbs(fail)

I really need to get going on my upper body workouts. For some reason, I’m the opposite of most people. I never miss lower body workouts, but I miss upper body workouts a lot. Usually due to basketball. I just cant get enough of it!!! At least I got some of my upper body workout in. Today’s workout was just to get the soreness out since its been a while.
Bench: 155lbs
One arm row: 100lbs
Pullups: 5

I just noticed the guy in the backround of my ME Lower Body vid was looking at me while I did 405lbs. I can’t tell if he was impressed or not cuz of him shaking his head. Was it a “Wow, good job man” or “Ooooo, your form was a bit off.” What do you guys think?

Good workout today. I might decide to not to Romanian Deadlifts when I have Deadlifts as my ME exercise though. They seemed really tough, but I did go up 5lbs. That doesnt seem like much, but it feels way heavier. I also want to figure out something different for calves cuz it kinda sucks right now. This is also the first time i’ve done abs in a while. I might be sore tomorrow.
Speed Box Squat: 175lbs
Romanian Deadlift: 345lbs
Calf Raises: 320lbs
Ab Circut

Pretty bad workout today. I didn’t get stronger on my deadlift. I tried to hit 410lbs, but couldn’t get it. I was so disgusted that I deleted it immediately. Haha. I think I’ve been playing too much basketball. I really have to discipline myself to cut back when in a strength phase. It’s just so fun though!!! I also needed more weight for my back raises, so I guess the dumbbell will have to do.
Deadlift: 380lbs
Reverse Lunge: 230lbs
Back Raise: 60lbs


I’ve gotten so weak. I NEED to stick with my upper body workouts. I can not sluff on them. I’ve lost so much strength that its not even funny. I didn’t even feel like maxing. I just stuck with 90% on the bench. Again…I NEED to stick with it.
One Arm Row: 100lbs
Military Press: 115lbs
Close Grip Bench: 135lbs
Bicep Curls: 70lbs

I only got two workouts in. But they were the big ones so its all good. I’m thinking that staying away from RDL’s when having my deadlift as my ME lift would be a good idea. I also think that the Good Mornings will help me with my back a lot. Keeping my arch when squatting and deadlifting will help me out a lot. I still need something that’ll help my out with energy though. I seem to be tired for my workouts now a days. Maybe the deadlifts just tired me out. Back to box squats next week.
Speed Box Squat: 195lbs
Good Morning:185lbs

First upper body DE day in a while. I was able to discipline myself. I did play basketball first though. It felt good doing this though. Hopefully I can keep it up. I wanna get back to my strength before. I have a ways to go though. I’m still playing around with rep schemes too.