I was thinking of ordering some sachets because they should get through to me easily. However, after reading the lab analysis of certain things I really do not know about this underground shit. Anyone with good, bad or other experiences, lately, with these? I say lately because some of these things come out and they are great in the beginning and then fall off.

If you are ordering sachets from the biggest and most famous place that deals in them, I would beware. I hear bad shit about that company ALL the time. Also, I’m pretty sure customs is very aware of what those particular sachets look like, because the “stealth” crap does get picked up, sometimes it seems like more often than normally packaged gear.

I would just find a legitimate source (no I will not give you one so please don’t PM me) and take my chances ordering from there.

Yea…I agree with cortes…I hear bad shit about them ALOT if you are indeed talking about THAT company. In fact, I remember reading a report on them in which they did a chemical test on sachets and found arsenic and other chemicals in decently significant amounts…Probably has to do with the equipment they use…maybe they got it used and it had trace amounts of other chemicals on it…If I were you…I’d look elsewhere…

I ordered from them last fall. Shit came no problem. As far as it working, it was definately real shit just alittle underdosed. A friend of mine ordered a massive amount of shit around the same time and his shit came no problem as well. Wow, I’m saying shit a lot.


I’ve also heard extremely bad things about them as well as a friend tried last month and his 200 dollars of “stealth” gear was also siezed.

Order vials, from my knowledge they make it more often than sachets or ampules.

I just ordered some sachets but I’m not sure if it’s from “them.” These are the guys that always show up on the lists of legit dealers.

I’m using stealth EQ the 5ml, not that AS crap. I love it. I know lots of guys who love it too. I don’t like their test. Gives me pain and swelling but some guys don’t get this.

As far as customs, it depends on where you live. I’ve never had a prob. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions.

Seems to be seriously underdosed IMHO. They have always gotten through no prob though.

Oh yeah - I always run through a .22 Whatman