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Sachets and Success


Thankfully, I don't have to worry about it until I decide to move back to America, but I find it interesting nonetheless to see how people in the states get ahold of gear.

Regarding sachets, has anyone had problems with these, either ordering them and having them actually end up getting seized or getting the liquid from the sachet? Issues with sterility, etc?

Seems like a lot of work and a bit risky, but whoever came up with the idea was pretty damned smart.

Also how long before the Man figures out a way to start easily identifying the contents, or just seizes them regardless?


I have ordered sachets several times and from different sources. About 80% of my orders have come through. The other 20%, have no clue what happened. I haven't received any customs notices. Could've been confiscated, lost or scammed. Who knows...
There's been no issues with sterility. You have to be very careful drawing the oil from the sachets. Fortunately I work in a hospital and have lots of experience with syringes, drawing and sterility.
Hope this answers some of your questions.


From what I hear, the gear is good, sterile, etc. But as far as clearing customs - it's the same, as most places have very cleaver ways of getting it to you, the sachets seem like a better idea as far as shipping prices go in my opinion, but allow more slopiness.

The prices are usually much better for the sachets as well. I know someone who has never had a "regular" shipment seized, but has had sachets seized or not delivered.


I've ordered twice from two different sources and had 100% delivery success.

As far as the sterility issue, you should run it through a filter when you take it out of the sachet, and put it into a sterile vial. This was suggested to me by a member of this board and works very well. I have very little pain at the injection site also.