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Sachet to Vial Transfer?

Hi All
Nervous first post !
I’ve got some sachets of oil ,which for ease of use ,i would like to transfer to sterile multi use vials. Now i’ve searched around and watched a couple of vids on how to do it but I’m still not entirely clear on the process ,when you have a number of sachets to do.

Do i put one needle into the vial and put the syringe onto it each time i empty a sachet or do i pierce the vial multiple times? I know to sterilize the outside of the sachet before piercing with needle but should i use a new needle with each sachet. Sorry to ramble on I’m just after a clean method of transfer.
thanks in advance

I would pierce the vial as little as possible and change needle heads when transfering. That way the oil will be as sterile as possible. You may want to run the oil through a filter and possibly heat it because who knows how sterile the oil in these sachets are. Personally, I would really like to know. I do not think you need to use a new needle with each transfer as long as you are transfering everything at one time. Just make sure you change the needle head before transfering into the vial. Rather be safe then sorry. I have seen people with infections and it is not pretty.

Keep us updated on your progress. I sm curious how effective the sachets are.

Thanks for the reply Joe
Just to clarify,you are saying to leave one needle in the vial whilst drawing from the sachets with a different needle and swapping backwards and forwards?
Like yourself i am unsure of the sterility of these products and want to avoid infection, so was planning on passing them through a .22 filter. Is this enough or would i need to heat as well? Thanks

Passing the oil through a .22 filter on the way into the vial should be sufficient.

I am not a pharmacologist but if it was me I would just put it through the filter. I would think that would be ok as long as the product is some what sterile. What I meant by switching the needle head was to use a different head to put the oil into the vial then you used to get the oil out of the sachet. When putting the oil into the vial I would use a brand new sterile head.

  1. DEFINITELY use a filter

  2. Because you are filtering, sterility of outside of sachet is unimportant, in fact, you could cut it open and empty into a small empty vial so you can see what you’re doing.

  3. Use two new (sterile) needles in the sterile vial…one to vent, the other to fill

  4. Leave the filter attached to the needle you are using to fill…after emptying one syringe full, unscrew syringe barrel from filter/needle/vial, refill with any old needle from sachet, and then screw the refilled barrel back onto the filter/needle/vial assembly and push through.

  5. Push 2-3 ml plain old vegetable oil through filter at the end to clear all the product into the sterile vial.

  6. If desired, leave vent pin in and bake in 250 oven for 15 minutes (optional)

Thanks for the replies everyone.
I favor testolius method as it seems the most sterile,nice step by step instructions too! Just a little unsure about the vegetable oil part,can i use any veg oil and does it matter if a bit makes it through into the finished product or must i be exact?

The same oil used to make your gear would be best…

But then again, there is no way to really know unless you personally know your source.

Cottonseed or olive oil are both good bets.

Something else to consider would be investing in a few high capacity syringes, depending on the volume of your sachets.


when i use sachets, i just store in the barrel of a 5ml syringe.



Thanks World,the sachets are only 3 ml but as i have a number to do then im liking your idea of high capacity syringes!Dont know what oil the gear is made with, but olive oil is no problem and i suppose any that went through the filter would be pretty sterile and easily absorbed anyway ?

Joe, im a little worried that if i was to keep the product in a syringe would i not contaminate the product left in syringe when i aspirate ?

No. But if you hit a blood vessel then the blood would clot in the syringe if left like that…

I store it in a syringe, and then i “squirt” it into a fresh new syringe and… presto!

You can buy sterile oils from research lab companies online… If they need to be sterile - testolius didnt specify but i would have thought it would need to be sterile to flush out the filter as it will be eventually getting injected no??

BUT if you can use a vial - are capable and able, then do that. Definitely.


Pretty easy to sterilize olive oil.

Heat it and filter it. Not all that hard really.

As far as storing the oil in a syringe, I’m going to go ahead and say that is a bad idea just because of the fact certain contaminants could rather easily get inside the syringe.

If you wish to store oil in a syringe, then be prepared to repeatedly replace the needle shield, and store it in a refrigerator. Also, take care to warm the syringe under hot water before injecting.


[quote]andyveg wrote:
Thanks for the replies everyone.
I favor testolius method as it seems the most sterile,nice step by step instructions too! Just a little unsure about the vegetable oil part,can i use any veg oil and does it matter if a bit makes it through into the finished product or must i be exact?[/quote]

Any type of oil will do, but I try and make sure I get organic, expeller-pressed. Doesn’t have to be pre-sterilized as it will be filtered anyway. If you want, you can put some in a pan and heat in oven at 250 for 90 minutes.
…on the one hand, if you don’t put enough through, you lose some hormone in the filter…if you put too much through, you lower the final concentration by a fraction of a percent…since I hate to lose any product I always opt to put just a tiny bit more through than is probably really necessary, but I doubt it really matters too much one way or the other…I mean we’re probably talking about losing a few mg in a 40ml batch or underdosing by maybe 2%. My injections are always a little bit ‘fat’ anyway - haha.

Good luck.

Thanks for the answer testolius.I used the method you described a few nights ago to make the transfer and all went well.I figured the same as you that it was better to use a little more sterilized oil so as not to loose any product.
On a side note testolius thats an amazing transformation you have made.As one of the forums more mature subs(me 43) you sure give me something to aim for !

i have been using sachets recently and i found the easiest way to do it was to cut the corner off and squeeze all the oil out
this way i get every last drop
dont know how safe it is but i also store it in the 5ml darts and get it in there by removing the plunger and filling it up from the back