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Sachet Question


Got some satchets of test and I just enptied them in a clean empty bottle for later use. Anyways I was looking in the bottle and it looks like little pieces of the sachet in the bottle from where I pulled it through the syringe. I have never messed with a sachet before and this may be a stupid question, so flame me if you want but at leasat give me an answer.

What is the best way to get the pieces of sachet out of the bottle and what would have happened if I would have injected that shit. This is probably why people talk about injection pain from sachets so much.


You could purchase some filters and filter your gear, which, if I was buying from the place you did, I would be filtering anyways.


If it is St????? labs, it is reputed to be painful and underdosed.

1) As DOH recommended, get a few filter needles. I have B-D W/5 micron filter. Others can chime in on best specs for your situation.
2) Draw all the oil from the current vial into a large enough syringe with a large gauge regular needle.
3) Once the vial is empty, draw a little air to ensure you get the oil in the needle.
4) Remove the regular needle and replace it with the filter needle.
5) Inject the oil into the sterile vial (a new one) through the filter needle.

Your oil should be debris free.


the same place you get pins from will also sell vials and filters
get a .22um (1/4th of a micron) filter they screw onto the syringe between the barrel and the pin
filter into a sterile vial you should not have opened it yet.

but due to the nature of the packaging they do use alot of BA in there to keep it clean
while you are filtering you may want to cut it using some plain oil
usp grapeseed oil works or I have used store bought Wesson brand oil

simple math when you do that example you have 10ml of 250/ml you add 10ml oil to that you will have 20ml at 125/ml

if you dont want to cut it thats fine its an option to help with painful gear
but you shouldnt have to though
good luck hope you got what you were looking for


Good stuff Maddy...


I haven't even tried the gear yet, but one of my friends did and didn't have any problems with injection pain. He didn't filter his either. I just read about people having that problem with sachets on forums that I read.

After seeing the pieces of the sachet in the vial, I was thinking that some dumbasses inject straight from the sachet. My friend that tried it said that it was ok gear it is test cyp 250. I will get some filters before trying it out. Thanks guys for the advise.

I wish I still had a good source for human grade test, but not sure where to go anymore.


I would just like to add one thing...

Make sure that you filter the solution AFTER you cut it, this seems obvious, but apprently not to everyone.

Even store bought oil, once filtered and hit by the BA is so clean it doesn't really matter.

If you add the oil in to cut after you filter out the particulates, then your just injecting cooking oil into yourself, not a great idea.