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Saccharides and monosaccharides?

I am starting massiving eating soon and will be using Grow, but I am also looking at some supplements with a bit more calories in. I plan on three solid meals and three liquid meals. One supplement says…

“Nothing is included merely to supply calories. Applying the principles of “Fast and Slow Proteins”, we have blended undenatured, filtrated whey with undenatured micellar casein, supplying 35 grams of anti-catabolic protein (micellar casein is the only protein proven to be anti-catabolic). Carbohydrates are supplied in the form of our unique blend of 63% higher saccharides (complex) and 7% monosaccharides (simple).”

The content:
Energy 392Kcal / 1646Kj
Protein 35g
Carbohydrate 52g

  • of which sugars 2g
    Fat (85% MCTs) 4.87g
    -Saturated fat negligible
    Fibre g/100g 4
    Sodium mg/100g 34

(If I could afford it I’d just have 4 scoops of Classic Grow, but this is beyond my budget, especially after I’ve brought all my Surge and stuff)

Would this be ok, and not cause a big insulin release? Any thought or comments please.



If you’re just looking for more calories, you can add natural peanut butter to your Grow shakes. Could also mix them with milk if you tolerate it well. You could even do both, depending on whether you’re using regular or low carb Grow. Very tasty and dense with calories. Just don’t mix regular Grow with milk and Pb or you’ll be breaking the massive eating rule of no C+F.