S4 v. Ostarine for Explosiveness/Speed

Flame me if this is dumb; I’m a total noob with no experience with anything stronger than creatine.

If I wanted to do a 6 week cycle of something to help with sprinting ability, would Osta or S4 be more beneficial? I see lots of people recommending GW to runners because it is good for V02 max - but for anaerobic running, that becomes irrelevant.

Osta has lots of human tests, S4 doesn’t, which is why I’m leaning towards the former.

If they’re both essentially doing the same thing - increasing lean muscle mass, decreasing fat - is there any reason to think one would be better at all in increasing peak power output?

Help out an idiot.

I seriously doubt you will improve your sprinting ability with either compound. Ostarine has also been shown to adversely affect natural testosterone production in some cases (this is something advertisers/manufacturers generally fail to mention). For me, that risk alone makes it something to stay away from, considering the benefits of these products is so minimal in the first place.

Thanks for the reply.

I am getting some sort of hormone therapy beginning later this month - either a SERM or maybe on test injections (less likely). I’m at 300 right now naturally, despite doing everything “right.” So I’ve essentially been spinning my wheels in my running training for the last few years.

I was hoping a SARM would help me “catch up” to where I would be if I had normal testosterone production for these last few years. Some test suppression - if it came with benefits - wouldn’t be bad, as my test would likely still be much higher than what I’ve lived with for the last ? years.

If Osta/S4 aren’t likely to help, I’ll just see what gains I make when I get regular test levels.

I think whatever hormone therapy you end up doing will make a huge difference for you. 300 is quite low. If I were you, I would give that some time to work before trying anything else.

I honestly just don’t think Ostarine or S4 are very good products. They don’t seem to be nearly as effective as advertised. That being said, if you don’t mind potentially wasting your money, might be worth a shot IF YOU GO THE INJECTION ROUTE. If you go with SERMS to increase natural production, then you don’t want these products interfering with that process. If you do TRT, then the SARMS don’t have the negative potential that I described earlier.

Thanks, Flip. I’m just so frustrated with the realization that I’ve basically been wasting my time training.

If I get prescribed a SERM, I’ll take your advice and just see how my results come as my T levels rise. I think I’ve seen clinical studies showing an average doubling of Total T for Clomid use in hypogonadal men. I read that Clomid has nasty sides and Nolva is preferable - we will see what the doctor says.

If I get prescribed injections, I’ll consider the SARM option further. I have a suspicion that my doc won’t want me on the injections though.

Man, you sound EXACTLY like a close friend who’s been going through the same thing. He tested anywhere between 200 and 350 over the course of a few months. He recently was prescribed clomid, and it’s been a true game changer for him. All of a sudden, lifting is a totally different experience for him. He also tried to get Nolva, but his doc was not open to it.

Prior to this, he had suffered numerous injuries, and also felt like he had just been spinning his wheels for years. If your experience ends up being anything like his, you will be very pleased with the results of fixing your hormone levels. Excited for ya!

Thanks! It’s good to know some people have good results with Clomid - I see so many people complain and switch to gel/injections soon after beginning the SERMS.

It’s so awful to realize I’ve been sprinting hard for 3 years and basically doing so at an extreme handicap!

I appreciate the advice and the enthusiasm. I’ll update my TRT-forum post when I see the doc.

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i can only speak from personal experience. but i loved s4, aside from losing my night vision. I couldn’t drive to my fuck budies house at midnight to get my butt pounded :frowning:

ostarine i hated. mk 2866 ripped my asshole every day. I’m talking horrible diarrhea so bad that i couldn’t even wipe my poop chute. i had to dab at it with my sisters beanie babies. I even tried 2 different brands.

both taste like Monica Lewinsky’s scrotum. i’m talking porno level gag inducing. like, picture giving a blowjob to Gollum from lord of the rings.

s4 i feel would improve overall athletic perfomance.

i did not see lower test levels after a cycle of s4 with my blood work.

Lmao strong name to post content ratio!

Can I ask you the dosage you used on the S4?

i think Flip gave you some great advice there… in all likelihood, getting your “T” levels up to normal/high-normal should prolly be your first priority.

i’ve used Ostarine, and while i had moderate gains in strength, endurance and “pump,” it does screw with your HPTA and requires a PCT (as do all the SARMs). i might try LGD4033 down the road, as it has been shown to be a little stronger than Ostarine.

personally, i’d stay away from S4, as i’v read that the vision issues are due to it’s toxicity, so that’s not a good thing…

i recently used Clomid to bring my testosterone levels up (due to some health issues and an extended layoff) and it worked pretty well. however, even though i went from 280 to 890, it wasn’t mind-blowing. from what i’ve read, the estrogen-like effects of the SERM is what minimizes some of the well-being. it also decreases IGF-1 a bit and raises SHBG.

That’s my main concern about the SERMs…getting a great total T number is fine and dandy but doesn’t mean much if IGF is falling and no one feels subjectively better with those higher numbers.

I’d probably rather just get on the shots for now. But the doctor may know more than me…

i tapered up to 70 mg ED and took preworkout