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Basically I’d like to know what constitutes a skinny bastard? Im wanting to take up an S2B type program with masive calorie intake but I also believe that if I dont have the right type of body (ie: really fast matabolism and can never put on weight) it will just lead to a load of flab on. With my stats im not sure i qualify.

Im a small dude 68kg and 5’9" I at about 11-12% b/f according to the scales but have pretty much been there for the last 2 years despite losing about 6-7kgs after hernia surgery 6 months ago.

What u rekon?

I reckon you should read Dr. Berardi’s seven habits article and slowly ramp up your calories. Like add 100 calories per day. Do that for three weeks. If you don’t get fat, add another 100 calories per day. Do that for another three weeks. Keep doing this. If you start getting more muscle, you’re on the right track. If you start getting fat, you’ve added too many calories.

Good luck.