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S2B: Self Motivation

Hello everyone.

I just joined T-Nation today.

I have been working out for about 11 months now. I had to take a few months off recently but Im back in full swing.

Just wanted to post a pic of me so that I could keep myself and you ( sure no one cares ) updated on my progress.

I realised that I am eating too clean and therefore too few calories per day.

I just bought hte Scrawny to Brawny book and have started that diet today, so lets see how it goes.

Im 5.11 78kg ( dont know that that is in pounds), and I dont know the body fat % but Im not concerned right now.

I would like to get to 85 with 10% fat.
if anyone has any tips please send them over!

Great go to it.

Be consistant and intense in training, intake, recovery and fun for the long term and theres nothing that will halt those very reachable goals



Im very keen to add on some mass. Im sure tnation will help me out!

[quote]fnselmi wrote:
I would like to get to 85 with 10% fat.
if anyone has any tips please send them over![/quote]

I’m sure with your current level of leanness you won’t have any trouble getting there.

Good luck.


If you read that you’d know there’s plenty of information available. Read as many articles here that you can find and choose/create a program to suit your needs.

My advice? Don’t set long-term goal limits, only short-term attainable ones. Tell yourself that this is only a stepping stone to greater things. I consider 85kg (187lbs) to be little, but that’s just my opinion. You’ll see once you get there.