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S2B or Gourmet Nutrition?

So I’ve been looking for a book to help me work on my diet.

I’m considering Scrawny to Brawny and Gourmet Nutrition.

Does anyone own one or both of these books?

I’m primarily looking for nutrition help and my understanding is that S2B has a lot of info on a training routine, which is good…but not my primary focus for whatever book I end up buying.

I believe…Gourmet Nutrition is a cookbook. No real nutritional info.

Ideally I’d buy both books, and use the GN recipes in the context of the S2B plan…but for now there can be only one.

Anyone have thoughts…suggestions…?


Yes, GN is a cook book, but one with a lot of info that will help your diet; however, you’re right, it’s not a guide to nutrition. If you combine that with the wealth of info available right here–much of it from Dr. Barardi–I think you’ll be well on your way.

If this still is not enough and you want a true step by step program I suggest you check out Precision Nutrition, Dr. Barardi’s complete program and on-line community thay will give you a VERY detailed and individually tailored plan. It’s really a mini course in performance nutrition. Anyway, it runs around $100 or so.

www.precisionnutrition.com I think


There is no training info at all in Gourmet Nutrition, but it has some sick recipes. It depends on what you need really. Do you want a training program with information about training, or new recipes?

S2B would be better from a training goal perspective. It’ll teach you what you should be eating to support your recovery for training. GN will help you dial in a more nutritious/healthy diet, not as much goal oriented as it is health oriented, other than leaning down a bit if you eat like shit already. But ebomb’s got it, once you’ve got the fundamentals down from S2B, the GN is great for keeping your options open.

The nutritional info in S2B is already posted in articles by Berardi on this site. The boook is good, but there is nothing new in it.

GN is just basically recipes. The first chapter is generally about eating and making the right choices, and is good info but really I don’t remember learning anything in either. Everything is already on this site.

I have S2B and it is a very good book that even a mesomorph can benefit from to some degree. It has info on pretty much everything including even corrective exercises, strength/muscle imbalance solutions, lifestyle changes, and obviously nutrition and training advice that is detailed and that works if you follow it correctly.

However, you have been warned; if you are a skinny-fat ecto, following the diet from S2B WILL MAKE YOU FAT!

The nutritional advice in S2B is intended for the true hard-gainer who doesn’t put on fat no matter what.

The Precision Nutrition System is the ultimate guide to transforming your body and health for life.

I’m another one of those guys who’s going to suggest ordering the Precision Nutrition book/system from Berardi’s website.