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S2B Diet


Going to try the Scrawny to Brawny book 4700cal diet for a week to see if I put any weight on. It says to take 2 tablespoons of flax oil a day but on the bottle it says do not extend the stated dose of 2 teaspoons a day! I'm guessing the warning if there for a reason, but I can't see why it would do any harm? Also if whey protein okay instead of milk protein inbetween meals if I'm mixing it with yogurt. Cheers.


go easy on the flax oil, allthough it is necassary to get over a plateu. i would have gone a little easier on the oils if i knew than what i know now.
but i did put on three solid inches in my arms.
whey instead of milk if you want to pack on mass.


What do you know now about flax oil that would make you go easier? From all I've heard it's really good for you, fighting viruses, regulating levels of red blood cells, etc.

I've been putting a tablespoon of flax oil in with cottage cheese before bed and haven't noticed drastic results for the good or bad.


I believe you are RIGHT to question this. Flax seed (and the oil therein) is considered "healthy", and for good reason, but pretty much anything in "excess" can cause you problems. I quote "excess" because if your body has not experienced it before, then even low levels may be initially excessive.

If you have not taken Flax oil to any degree in the past, then I suggest you start off light - one teaspoon per day for a week, then two for two-weeks; then see how you feel. Your body will show you signs of stress if it doesn't "like" flax oil - if you listen very carefully, that is. For example, you may experience no side advers effects, so you can then experiment with increasing the dosage, but if you experience any of the following then you might want to cut back and try again:

loss of energy;
aching joints;
poor sleep;
excessive weight loss/gain;
skin blotches/rashes/spots/whatever;

Stress will become manifest a dozen different ways for the same number of people, so it's hard to tell what may or may not happen. Indeed, you might not experience any unwanted side effects, too (which is what you're hoping for of course!).

Whenever you try something new, try to come in gently. The reason for this is that your body will become accustomed to dealing with this new entity, and will make some internal adjustments accordingly. Glugging down "a lot" of flax oil when it's new to you is more likely to cause an initial upset, and probably won't give you as many benefits as claimed.

One related point: flax seed oil oxidizes very easily, and the resultant product is extremely hazardous to health. For that reason, I always use [organic] flax seed, which I grind immediately prior to use. The seed husk protects the oil from oxidation. Two teaspons of oil in the form of ground seed is doable, especially if you drink lots of water to prevent consitiptaion (flax is VERY high in fibre - another great reason to take it). Two tablespoons of oil in the form of seeds might be too much though...

I congratulate you for having the wits to ask the question rather than just accept the writings of even someone as admittedly capable as Dr. John Berardi!

Good luck with the flax oil. :slightly_smiling: