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S23 Stack/Cycle. Suggestions?

Hello all, was hoping to get some input…

I’ve done an ostarine/cardarine/rad cycle before on my pet rat, for 8 weeks and saw some significant gains, strength, and added a notable amount of weight, even tho he slimmed up… he put on weight, and was noticeably more built/fit. I was very happy with his results, I was happy for him, he seemingly had a pep in his step.

I wanted to amp it up a bit, and wanted to do something like the following for him.

20-30 mg/day of S23, 20-30 mg/day of Testolone (RAD-140) and 10 mg/day of Ligandrol (LGD-4033). I’m probably going to stick to 20/20/10 mgs for those 3. I’m just honestly unfamiliar with doing test base, although I see it mentioned as a must for s23, so was wondering if someone could give me a bit of 411, in layman terms on how to utilize it (I’m familiar with !njectables/administering).

Also, I see it suggested, to save the s23 for the final 8 weeks of a cycle, so I’m thinking of doing a 12-week cycle on him, and then adding the s23 for the final 8 weeks.

-So again, I was wondering how the test base should be run/administered. (dosage, and frequency)

-If S23 will be run for just the final 8 weeks, is there anything additional that can be considered to go along with the rad/LGD, particularly for the first 4 weeks? Or perhaps a breakdown of how I can run the 12-week cycle?

-Should I get labs done on Jerry prior to his cycle, if so what specifically should he have done/what to look for?

Jerry’s 5’8", and pushing 190lbs right now, give or take a lb.

You should keep that shit for your “pet rat” and save the real steroids for your body.


Run test @ 500/w
Run the SARMs @ 0mg/w

so 500 a week Tbase to support the sarm cycle, can Jerry dose it @ once, or should he split it up?

No bro your missing the point here. Return your sarms to Dylan or throw them away and just use real AAS

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