S&W 340 PD: Opinions?

Thinking about getting this for summer carry. It’s a .357 and… it weighs just under 12 ounces. Yeah, that’s gonna pop. Might carry 38s, but I like the option.

Basically, for certain times, I want a very small and light firearm I can have on me when wearing just about anything. I know it’s kinda lame, but I don’t want to wear a baggy T-shirt or create an artificial belly or love-handle bulge with my usually carry guns. Hey, I worked hard not to have a gut. Yes, I’m a little vain.

Anyone have this gun? Ever shot it?

INFO from S&W.

I havn’t but I have the SW Airweight in .38. Fairly similar aside from caliber. I love it. I also have a Kimber revolver (K6s) in .357. Its got the 3" barrel so slightly bigger gun than the SW. Its still hurts to shoot .357 so I practice mostly with .38 in it.

Thanks! You know, that might be the better choice (Airweight in .38) given the price difference.

I really like the Airweight. Its got the concealed hammer too. Its the gun I keep in my night stand quick access box. Something nice about knowing your revolver is always ready and jamb free.


Does this type of revolver have a safety? Would you carry it in a holster? I would worry about accidental discharge when carrying or drawing a gun like this.

Most revolvers don’t have external safeties. A few do, but they’re pretty rare. It all comes down to finger awareness. Mainly, don’t touch the trigger unless you’re about to shoot. And generally, revolvers have a longer, harder trigger pull.

And yes, always carry in some type of holster with a trigger cover. Only action movie cops and real-life gang members don’t use holsters.


I’ve handled one but never shot it. The trigger is long and heavy, probably around 12 pounds DAO. There’s your safety.

I imagine it’s great to carry and extremely unpleasant to shoot.

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Ha! That’s the trade-off for sure.

LOL I like this quote too. I think that sums it up best. Even the Kimber I mentioned, which is much heavier, gives me blisters when I cycle through .357 at the range. I don’t do it that much because like you said, its unpleasant. The SW that @Chris_Shugart is referring to, being much lighter, would be like wrangling a rattle snake.

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I was thinking: it would be like setting off an illegal firecracker in your clenched fist.

And now I kinda want to do it…


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It reminds me of a fake review I remember for a SW 642 many years ago. To paraphrase…

“This gun is great for hunting. I use it to shoot at deer while I’m running through the woods.”

My wife has the 442

.38 out of it isn’t bad at all.

.38+p is a fire breathing dragon

But it’s actually surprisingly easy to handle and I was “accurate enough” with it at ranges appropriate for its use. I’m not a great shot in general nor do I get to the range often enough.

I’ve looked at pocket .357s before and I like the idea of them, but haven’t fired to be able to really attest to it. But for a similar go, I like it.

I always like the idea of loading 4 .38s and one final .357 in the thing. “If those first 4 didn’t do it, maybe this one will”

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This revolver won’t get tied up if you short stroke the trigger?

Ha! I sometimes load my S&W Governor that way: 410 self-defense ammo for the first two, then four .45 Colts for the “I guess you didn’t get the message” approach.

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Not sure. Its never happened to me with the SW. The beauty of a revolver is the simplicity and general jamb free design. I actually had that happen on my Kimber with .357 ammo so I sent it back and they adjusted the hand. Thats the only time I’ve ever had a revolver lock up on my. Never with my SW442 AW. I’ve had tons of actual ammo jambs on my semi autos.

I also have the 442. It is probably my favorite carry gun, however I find myself carrying an LCPII most often. The snub nose is surprisingly accurate given the short barrel length.


Agreed. I have (4) LCPs. One tucked in each vehicle. I have a CWP but don’t carry hardly ever. Still when I do its the LCP as nothing comes close to the compact design. Honestly it’s very accurate in close range too.


Here’s what it’s like to shoot one with .357’s, hold your hand out with your fingers spread, and have a friend smack it with a cricket bat. Seriously though, quality .38 wadcutters punch deep and leave a nasty wound channel, and won’t fuck your hand up. The 340 PD is a relatively expensive model. A 442, 642 or 638 would be less expensive, and will shoot .38 +Ps.

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I’ve never had a S&W get tied up from short stroking (hehe). They will skip a chamber, and my 649 that has had a professional trigger job does it a little more often (light trigger return spring, maybe). The Colt Night Cobra I had would lock up, kind of, but if you let the trigger all the way out, it would work again. But it was disconcerting.