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S**t Women Say to Personal Trainers


I would say I have heard 98% of this from a client at one point or another. also I have heard some of these from male clients as well. Ahh, the glamorous life of a trainer


This is so spot on. Well done. Thanks for posting it.


This shit is why I don't work at a gym anymore. I got sick of all the dumb ass housewives who were really only there to pass time

The blowjobs were nice though, I do miss them.

being able to train with your own style with people who are into the same atmosphere as you is so damn fun...





yeah, that's professional, and trainers wonder why we aren't taken more seriously


This is why I never even considered personal training. I would kill anyone who said things like this to me.

"Either do it, or get the fuck out," is probably not the mantra that would make me money in that business.

My head nearly exploded just watching.



Um, how serious do you want to be taken? You count to 10 and spot people......and wear sweats to work.

I could honestly give a fuck less though. I do my thing and do it well. My clients who are private have better gains than any piece of trash I was forced to train at the commercial gym I worked at.

Why are they making better gains? Because I don't have some old ass man telling me 3x15 is the best thing ever....I can train them hard...because I. Ain't trying to push them out after an hour like an escort..

Lol like I really give a damn about being professional....

Being professional is everything that's wrong with training.

Also housewife bjs are the best. Its like they take out all their failures and frustrations out on your cock.



People do respond to that kinda talk though. Just like every other situation a well placed stfu works like nothing else.


I guess there really is a difference between a trainer and fitness professional then..

If you think many of the authors on this site (who are trainers to some degree) only count to 10, then you're sadly mistaken.

going into more detail about the differences is useless


jehovasfitness wrote:

Fitness Professional. You a Phil Kaplan fan?


Haha this is great, nice find Barachiel


The people trainers want to be taken seriously by take them seriously(if they're good); get the tampon out of your vagina. There are funny videos about doctors and their relationships with patients, pretty sure people still take them seriously.


I have been a trainer for 14 years with 8 being full-time. Yes that video made me laugh out loud many times.

Ct Rockula is correct on almost everything except for the sex part. That is where you draw the line- unless you plan on dating the person IMO. Flirting is fine, but to each his own.

The stuff people tell you while training them is ummm eye-opening to say the least.


As a aspiring personal trainer I hope this thread goes the distance.

MOAR stories!


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Haha, hilarious video.

This is why one day I decided to specialize in Strength training/powerlifting only.

Got fed up with this kind of bullshit from some of my female clients, especially from those in commercial gyms. No matter how hard I tried to educate them or demystify their mindset about fitness training and anatomy, there was always an issue some where. Also the fact that I was just too muscled for them didn't help.

''Oh my god, my arms and legs are getting massive! I don't want to be 'bulky' like you!''

'' Shit I've put on 5 kgs. Oh, it's 5kg of muscle?? Whaaaaat?? I didn't hire you to be muscled! I only wanted to get rid of my fat!''

''Yes I want to be strong but no way I'm going into the free weights area!''

'' That squat rack scares the shit out of me! Let's not squat today, okay?''

'' What? Deadlift again?''

'' Can we just use the 2kg dumbbells please?''

'' Is it stretching time yet?''

'' That other female PT only make her clients do some awesome Bosu stuff. I want you to do the same from now on.''

'' I got my periods, see you in 2 weeks!''


I have the basics covered. I never miss sessions, deliver demo and lecture, correct form and offer variation..

Everything is covered...there's just no pagentry and I don't call it anything other than working out. I refuse to complicate something so simple.



Lol yea I'm actually a terrible person. You should all know this by now.

I guss realizing your job isn't as important as you thought hurts peoples feelings. Lol

Our jobs can be replaced by google or a youtube search.

Anyway man, I've probably alreay said too much so I'm done here. keep it real and raw.


I LOVE it when I am training a client and it is leg day. Start em on Goblet squats, they
stop talking for the rest of the session !!!!

Or put em on a bike and do 20 second sprints with 10 sec rest for 4-5 minutes, great way to
get em to stop blabbin...


Video or it just did not happen.