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S.S.S (Singles.Speed.Size)


Hi, Im currently doing Beyond 5/3/1 but recently I came back to rugby and I was wondering if it would be a better idea to change to the S.S.S program (Singles.Speed.Size) It seems to me that they are similar programs because of the singles and the only differences would be that there is no PR sets and only 5 singles at 90% TM and work higher if you feel like it (Joker Sets maybe?)and also the plyometric stuff.

I was thinking of just adding the plyiometrics before my workouts and changing the FSL sets for 5x10 assitances in the off season and come back to 3x5 FSL Paused sets in the in-season. Which one do you think would be a better option?


I think as long as you're recovering between your workout sessions you can do that. There are no strict guidelines for how heavy you can go on your singles. I would occasionally shoot for a PR or use overloading addinga 2 board for bench etc. SSS IS my favorite program in the book because its the simplest IMO: singles work, speed training works and the hypertrophy and strength cycles with the assistance obviously works.

I am using this program for 8 weeks now and I love it. Today is bench. I will stick to the % for 3-4 sets, add a 2 board and put 30lbs on the bar for 2 sets. One thing I did too much first 3 weeks was pushing singles in the OH press a lil too heavy between bench, but easily resolved.

speed work will be light push jerks, med ball chest throws

then db floor press 5x10, face pulls 4-5x, light pushdowns and flyes for prehab


If you are going to use the SSS Program for sports, you are going to have to use sets of 5 NOT sets of 10. I'd also cut out the deads and replace them with Power Cleans.


even if it's off-season?




been doing hang cleans and power cleans as part of my speed work since I can't do sprints yet (ankle injury) Been doing well and haven't been overtraining yet...but im not using more than 210 pounds for them and i typically do full power cleans on the light side before squats.

All in all I love this program, simple and awesome


so the 10's are just to prepare for the program in general? Next time I will just do a 3 week 10's, 9 week 5's but I am almost done with the first 6 week deal now. Thanks


No - the program has to be changed in order to account for an athlete. When a sport practices (all sports practice year round), speed work, agility work, SPP (practice), etc - you have to make some changes to the program. There is really no "off-season" for an athlete. There is only the time when you aren't formally competing.


Ahh I see, so if i wanna just do something simple for hypertrophy... could i just do something similar to first set last and do one breakdown set on bench or a couple sets of dips after press stuff? Or perhaps going amrap last set of assistance. Not to failure obviously. I just switched to 5's per your advice on floor presses today. I don't wanna sound like a newb, but well..here it is.

I normally just try to keep strength training simple, i do some extra hypers and some hip work (i just superset leg raises with abduction) Otherwise I think practice takes care of the rest ( jiu jitsu, muay thai) Ground work and hitting the bag is conditioning for my muslces for the sport I think.

PS, I am getting stronger and much faster on a regular basis. lovin it


I would NOT do that. The goal of training for sport is to get better at the sport - not "hypertrophy'. Again, you are welcome to do whatever you think is best but no way can I ever recommend that unless I am training someone personally in my gym. Sport training needs to be smarter than bodybuilding.


I see, maybe low rest on 5's is more than enough. I do wanna gain some muscular weight... but I can't afford to go crazy because of the demand wrestling makes to my body. Trying to be as explosive as possible on the basic presses, doing some throws and an occasional clean is probably my max load for that type of training. I really gotta use the KISS principle. I also think spending more time on low reps in the gym is a great idea, because i get too far into the endurance range throwing punch after punch and hitting heavy weights will help me stay working those fibers/overall speed and staying more explosive. Thanks for the replies


Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but would greatly appreciate any advice. Reading through the S.S.S. template in Beyond 5/3/1, and this thread, I am in somewhat of a similar circumstance as the rugby player. While I am not in a sport per say, I am on my way to Officer Candidate, Airborne, and a year or two after that Special Forces Selection and Assessment.

I "have" to maintain my ruck march ability and running (along with push-ups but those are easily trained) and I agree that the 5x5 instead of hypertrophy 5x10 is a much wiser choice for myself. My question is, should I maintain the 50% loading or up the intensity to 70%? My main goal in life, aside from being a good husband and father, is to have and maintain the ability to crush souls in all facets. Thanks again.