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S.S.S. Medball Throws Question


Hey Jim, thank you so much for 5/3/1, it seriously is the most simple and bad ass program ever made.

Now to my question, I have followed 5/3/1 for awhile now and bought Beyond 5/3/1, as an athlete I believe in out of all your programs S.S.S. is the most suitable for me. My question is however, for the throws you write 15 throws, now does this mean I do a throw and reset with a little break or do I grab the ball right after and throw again. Basically am I doing 1x15 or like 15x1.

Once again thank you very much for this program, I am very grateful.


Queation: When you are doing an explosive movement such as a jump or clean, do you do high reps in a fatigued state as a way of illiciting the correct training response? Or do you make sure each rep/set is done as explosively as possible?

In other words, and to make it even simpler: why are you doing med ball throws? Always know the purpose/big picture.


Ah okay I understand. Yeah I want most explosive and longest distance like the shot throw, nothing more bad ass than that in my opinion. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


Hey Jim, one more question. What would you think of having Kroc Rows programmed twice a week obviously on pressing days but like one day without straps and one day with?