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S-Roid/Superdrol Shutdown!?

I completed a very successful 15 week cycle of test/tren, and used clomid/A-dex toward the end and about a month after.

2 months after my last prick I was coached into using this OTC supplement called “Sroid” which is a superdrol clone. I was advised to follow the directions, and start taking an OTC test product afterward. Things started off great, but during this cycle I got the “clap”,(go ahead laugh), and at that point i seemed to be shutting down. I shut down so hard that erections are not even a thought, i feel like I have experienced muscle atrophy, and i am now using Clomid daily to try and fight any E production that may be occurring.

Should I just wait for my bodys natural test to reoccur, or should I start thinking about cycling test again just because?

Well, I hope you learned your lesson.

Next time, rubber up.

haha thanks, but what about the other problem. I doubt getting the clap caused me to downward spiral into complete shutdown. It is to the point I am having no erections, and it appears I am having muscular atrophy. should I just run a cycle of test E and some clomid to overcome?

This has to be a troll thread right?