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S.Phillips' Bench Routine

Have you guys tried this guy’s routine to “increase your bench by 50 pounds”(found in the MM site)? What results did you get? What was your nutrition like?
He raises an interesting question in his article, squating while trying to increase bench press hinders your gains on the bench. What do you people think?

Early in my lifting career, I attempted that program on 2 occaisions. The first time I only made it halfway through due to an elbow injury accquired while doing the weighted dips the program recommends. The second time I tried it, I stagnated around week 5 b/c there was just no way I could lift the poundages that I was supposed to lift. It’s an o.k. program for beginners, but any accomplished powerlifter could make a better program. There’s a Dave Tate article on T-mag called “Big Bad Bench” (I think) that has a better routine.