S.Gentz's Journey to the Stage

Thanks. Appreciate it.

Good luck

Thanks brother!!!

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Well got out muscled in all categories but had a lot of fun and a huge dinner after!!!
Thanks for everyone’s support. I’ll get more pics and details up soon


The best part of this experience is that you know that you can get lean whenever you want to. Good work.

Now put some muscle on.

That sartorius muscle is popping!


Well show is a wrap. Competed in three classes.
Masters over 40 5/5
Novice lightweight 2/2
Open middleweight 5/5
Sucks to be last but I had no expectation coming in. For me it was more about the process and just competing. I’ve always had issues with being in front of an audience so what better way to fix that than parade around in front of 800 people in a bikini.
These pics are all from the night show. I was a litle tighter in the morning but not much.
After the show me wife and I went to the adjoining casino and threw down at the buffet!!!
Last few weeks have been pretty tough dealing with both the low cals/carbs but also the back issue. It caused me to neglect my legs a bit so my glutes and hams suffered.
All in all a great experience. Already thinking about the rest of the years training.
Would like to thank everyone for there kind words and advice along the way. It’s a lot easier to feel accountable than try to do it alone!!!
Back to work!!!



4/10/2023 2 days post show

Weight 174.4

Food-Cals around 2250 today. May be higher if we go for ice cream!!! Didn’t really count.
Meal1 4 slices bread/1 cup egg whites/Waldon farms syrup
Mreal2 4oz chicken breast/1c rice
Meal3 4oz flank steak/1crice
Meal4 Small bag pretzels pre WO
Meal5 Braised fennel and garlic pork with veg, crushed tomato and black garlic balsamic over egg noodles
Meal6 Maybe an ice cream cone if the wife bribes me.


Pull -All light weight just to get the blood going again.
Med grip lat pull down 4x15
Wide grip lat pull down 4x15
Seated row machine 4x15
Rope hammers 4x15
SS one arm dumbbell preachers/reverse ezbar curl 4x15
Single arm standing dumbbell curls 3x15
Ab machine 4x15

No Cardio

Everything felt tough today. It did feel good though to train with some carbs in the system. Got a great pump!!

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ever again?

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It wasn’t bold so i wasn’t serious!!! :rofl:

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4/11/2023 3 days post show

Weight 174-gonna try to hold between here and 180lbs if i can

**Food-Cals didn’t count today. **
Meal1 4 slices bread/1 cup egg whites/Waldon farms syrup
Mreal2 2 rice cakes
Meal3 Work lunch. Two of my guys are retiring so we had a lunch for them. 2 rolls/salad/sausage and peppers/cheese. 4 cookies(don’t judge. It’s been a while)
Meal4 3 lavash bread/sauce/no fat cheese/turkey pepperoni
Meal5 1 buff bagel/1 whole egg/1 slice no fat cheese.


Chest & Tris -All light weight just to get the blood going again.
Seated flat press machine 4x15
Peck deck 4x15
Arsenal incline press 4x15 pluis 1 drop
Rope tricep extension 4x15
Arsenal push down 4x15-Awesome machine!!
single arm behind head tricep extension 4x15
Ab machine 4x15

15min incline treadmill

Plan for the next few weeks is to start getting back into the swing of training and get the diet recalibrated. Today was the first real day with a good amount of carbs on board and the pump was unreal.
Over the next 8-12 months i’m going to do a slow bulk. This year it will be slower to try to maintain a tighter physique so next years cut won’t be as difficult. I think i may try to compete in a show at the end of july next year which will give me plenty of time to get ready.
If that doesn’t work out i’ll target the Mr Buffalo again in april 2025.
Go time!!!


Can you post a pic when you get to 180lbs, if you get that heavy?


Will do. I’m keeping this log going daily as part of the 2023 challenge so I’ll be posting more pics along the way. My appetite is off the off the hook since the show so trying to keep that somewhat under control. It’s mentally tough. I’m starving as soon as I eat.

Cut all sugars first, if you are eating any. That should remedy the starving feeling.

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Except for the last couple days i typically less than 8-10 grams per day and pretty much no aded sugar. Trying to get diet back to base now so hopefully that will help. Had to have a couple treats after that diet period.

4/12/2023 4 days post show

Weight 175.4

Food-1993cal/246c/25f/183pWill keep cals here for another week or so to see what the weight does. Prob be eating mostly the same things except will have an off plan meal or two weekly.

Meal1 4 slices Ezekiel bread/1 cup egg whites
Mreal2 4oz flank steak/1c jasmine rice/asparagus
Meal3 6 rice cakes pre WO
Meal4 Popcorn post WO
Meal5 6oz chicken breast/2 rolls/2slices no fat cheese
Meal6 Shake.


Seated leg extension 4x15
Seated calf raise 4x15
Seated leg curl 4x15
Side laterals 4x15
Rear delt fly 4x15
Shoulder press machine 4x15
Ab machine 4x15

15min incline treadmill

Everything was pretty light today. Felt really good. Back is def improving day after day. Gonna continue with this split for a few weeks until I can get my cals/diet setup and then will decide on a new training split or keep this over the summer so I have the weekends off to spend time at the land.


Have you considered using any minicuts to help prolong/enhance the bulking phase?

Without question you can lean out, but it might be worth considering staying between 6-12% for the sake of nutrient partitioning and an easier cut next time around (recommended to me by an individual whom we would BOTH want to look like lol). Not like I’m really in a position to advise, I’m still chasing 10%!

Regardless, you’ve got my vote for most transformed - killer work man.

I haven’t really settled on a means to get there but the plan is to put on more muscle and possibly compete again next year sometime.
As far as the vote let’s see where I end up at the end of th challenge. I did house a peanut stick today at work!!! :joy:


Is there a reason for not doing either squats or leg presses?



have an issue with my back right now so squats are out as the compression is not good. This is my first week training after the show so just getting back in the swing of things. Hopefully will be able to squat again but presses will def be in the mid next week

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If I were to make an unsolicited recommendation… You really should look into Jordan Peters training stuff. It’s failure based, and not exactly ‘fun’ but good lord does it produce results. Every guy I know whose bigger than me is using this approach - or has stellar things to say about it.

I posted some videos of his in a video dump thread I made, if you’re interested in watching (non-obligatory).

Anyways, I was sleeping on your log before and I’m here for the follow now.

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