S.Gentz's Journey to the Stage

IMO, this is a huge red flag!

I should have elaoborated.
Way down on bench. But I’m also dealing with a shoulder issue. Everything else is ok. Prob 20% down.
Mainly stamina in the gym is down.

You believe 20% down is okay?
IMO, that is unacceptable.

I’m not sure what’s ok. This is my first rodeo. I’ve never tried to go this deep.
I’ve been lighter than I am right now but stayed fuller and kept carbs up so strength didn’t dip much.
My trainer has used the method of diet I’m on when he was competing so he’s guiding me with what he knows works. He’s not super concerned about strength loss.

I should state that I never did a cut when I wasn’t on an AAS cycle. When I started a cut I was getting stronger every week. I might not be of much help to you.

I’m currently on. Low doses.
When I started the cut everything was good. Strength and stamina were fine. Just in the last week or two it seems to be going downhill a bit.
Mainly tired and by the time i train i just don’t seem to have the suds. So this may not be a good indicator of lost strength per se but a lack of the energy to really push.
Again, i’ve never tried to go this deep so all of the feelings are new to me. Maybe i’m just being a baby. Usually when i cut it’s for a much longer period of time with a lot less deficit and restriction.

The doses I took are definitely considered low dose today.

Strength was a primary indicator of whether I was dieting too hard and needed to add some carbohydrates.

You are not being a baby. IMO, you are losing muscle and it is worth crying about.

So the solution is putting carbs in? How many? What about fats?

For you this will get complex, but for me it was simple. I knew my body and how it responded to changes in carbohydrates and cardio. I competed over 3 decades and entered about 3 contests per year. I had plenty of experience. This is your first contest. The chances of me being able to help you hit the show in top shape is about zero.

If I were you, I would add 100 grams of carbohydrates and adjust the cardio to keep losing weight. The first week of carbohydrates will likely cause your muscles to fill with water. You will probably gain some weight. But you will look better.

So give the carbohydrates a full week before adjusting your cardio. After that week has past you must get the weight to return to dropping. Hopefully, your strength will increase, maybe even quite a bit.

When I adopted cardio to my cut program, I started with 30 minutes of cardio first thing in the morning six days a week.

  • If I wasn’t losing fat fast enough I would add 30 minutes of cardio on the days that I didn’t lift weights.
  • If that wasn’t enough I did both AM and PM six days per week.
  • If that wasn’t enough I would up the AM cardio to 45 minutes.
  • If that wasn’t enough I would up both AM and PM cardio to 45 minutes.

Low carbohydrates did not work well for me, but some people respond well to it.

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Thanks for the detailed response. I’ll try putting in the carbs and see what’re it goes. I’m already doing 45min 2x per day but weight is dropping super fast so I’d be fine if it just slowed a bit. I’ll adjust cardio as needed.

Carbohydrates is another variable that you can adjust. Example: If you still don’t have the strength you would expect add some carbohydrates. Note: Your problem is that you have nothing to compare where your strength is for the weight you are.

Gonna add in some carbs today and see how it goes. Thanks for the advice. It’s much appreciated!

2/17/2023 8 weeks out

Weight 186.6

Food 1930kals/108c/56f/248p Added in some carbs. Def felt better at the gym today. Will keep this going for a week or so and see how I respond.
Meal1 shake
Meal2 6oz chicken thighs/1c rice/lettuce/macadamia oil
Meal3 shake post WO
Meal4 6oz chicken thighs/1c rice/lettuce/macadamia oil
Meal5 Shake


close grip seated cable row 4x15
single arm kneeling lat pull 4x15
Dumbbell row 4x15
SS wide grip pull down/close reverse grip pulldown
Ab machine 6x15

40min AM fasted treadmill
45min PM treadmill

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Let me know when your strength increases

2/18/2023 8 weeks out

Weight 185.6

Food 1992kals/42c/112f/201p -Had the salad out so guessing on the macros. Prob more protein than stated. Prob a little over cals as well
Meal1 3 whole eggs/6 slices turkey bacon/ 1 slice cheese
Meal2 shake
Meal3 Julian salad/2 meatballs
Meal4 6oz chicken thighs/1c rice/lettuce/macadamia oil
Meal5 Shake


No training today. Had a funeral for a family member and all the stuff that goes with that so ran out of time. Got cardio in though. Prob more important now.

45min AM fasted treadmill
45min PM treadmill

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2/19/2023 7 weeks out

Weight 185.4

Food 1942kals/110c/55f/256p
Meal1 60g oatmeal/shake
Meal2 6oz chicken thighs/1c rice/macadamia oil
Meal3 Shake post WO
Meal4 8oz ground turkey/lettuce/tomato/no fat cheese/salsa
Meal5 Shake


Adductor machine 4x15
abductor machine 4x15
seated calf raises 4x15
glute/ham press 4x15
seated leg extensions 4x15
ab machine 6x15

45min AM fasted treadmill
45min PM treadmill

Not a stellar WO today. Kept the weight low. Strained a muscle in my back which made everything suck today. Hopefully will be all good after tomorrows rest day. May deload this week. Feel like I might be over trained a bit.


2/20/2023 7 weeks out

Weight 184.4

Food 2499kals/320c/26f/224p Refeed day!!!
Meal1 80g oatmeal/1cup egg whites
Meal2 6oz chicken breast/2c rice
Meal3 6oz chicken breast/2c rice
Meal4 6oz chicken breast/2c rice
Meal5 Shake


No training today. Spinal erector is killing me. Pretty much relaxed and ate all day.


No Cardio. Just wanted to relax my back. Hopefully tomorrow will be better


sorry to read this.

like you already said hopefully better tomorrow

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