?'s for Coach Davies and others

Greetings all. I’m interested in doing some sandbag exercises and wanted to get some feedback from the forum. Can you give some examples of some exercises using sandbags to improve functional strength? Thanks.


I have never done any of Coach Davis programs, but many years ago, carrying 50 bags of rock salt got me started weight lifting. My dad had a bad back, so as the oldest boy I was detailed to carry the rock salt from the garage (where it was delivered to the water softener). Since I had to take the long way the trip was about 100 yards.
Exercises (Remember, Rock salt comes in bags with handles at the top).
Bag Curls, Bag Tricep Extensions, Bag cleans, Bag sprints, Bag Carry Overs, Bag presses, the list goes on… Again you can do with dumdbells or by placing the bags on your shoulders.
Best of Luck.

Sandbag training can be a very useful element to your training. In virtually every exercise you can elect to train with a sandbag (various sizes) as an alternative to barbell/dumbell/non-conforming objects. In faith, Coach Davies