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S-Drol (Superdrol) Stack?


I am doing a 5wk sust250 cycle. I have some S-Drol tabs left over from before. When should i include them in my stack. 1st wk? last wk?



I wouldnt bother. Just run the proposed stack that you have with sus 250. There is no point to include superdrol for a week especially with all of the side effects that come with superdrol.


If you have used SD before and know how you react to it, I would run it the middle three weeks when training and diet is dialed in. I would also use 30mg/day, but that's me. If you haven't used SD before don't throw it into a cycle. 5 weeks is kinda short for sust too.


Yes i few years back i stupidly ran SDrol for 4 weeks by itself. Had SOME gains and NO sides.

This is my Sus250 cycle:
1&2wks - 3ml
3-5wks - 2ml


People have reported making gains of over 20 pounds lean mass on solo Superdrol cycles. Many of the sides people experience would be minimized if ran with Test so I say go for it.

Also, 5 weeks seems really short for Sust. Sounds like you need to get another vial before starting.


Why does everyone keep sayin 5 weeks is too short?

Also correction about my current stack:

1wk - 4ml
2-4wks - 3ml
5wk - 2ml


So you are running (as the utter newbie you are):

Wk1 1000mg
Wk2 750mg
Wk3 750mg
Wk4 750mg
Wk5 500mg

No ancillary drugs whatsoever to control side effects or expedite recovery?

I would run the following:

(I did the maths and you have enough gear -)

Wk1-6 525mg plus Front Load


Ester length...


It is NOT too short. He had frontloaded the cycle. It was still a very poor cycle and i suspect it was accidental, but nonetheless...


5 weeks - as originally proposed - just seems a little short of optimal for decanoate, imo.


Not if frontloaded. Not at all.

I first began my AAS cycles at 6 weeks, and after experimenting with cycles of varying lengths (12+ wks) i have finally come back down to 6 weeks as i find it is perfectly long enough to get the most from a correctly dosed cycle, while being easily short enough (for frequent cycling) to minimise chronic use side effects.

A good Deca preperation (HG) using a static dosing regime over just 6 weeks, will illicit excellent results. A frontload will optimise that - but is not vital.


Why do think its a poor cycle? cause i havent stacked with something else, or..?

I have a Arimidex tabs. But im not sure when to start. I get told different things all the time. So i decided to start taking it 3 weeks in to cycle. Advice?


Just that the design of it could be better with what you have.

Instead of tapering off throughout the cycle, you should stay at a certain (predetermined) dose, with the exception of a frontload if the length is to be so short preferably.

No, it is not because you haven't 'stacked it with something'

And the Anastrazole is for what? Controlling estrogen correct? So if you are doing your T higher at the start of the cycle, when is estrogen likely to be highest?
And if estrogen is highest what would you need to control it?

See? :wink:


Ok i have taken .5ml just now. 6 days in to my cycle.
will take EOD for the next 2wks.
then again 2wks after the end of my cycle (for 2wks).

hows that sound?


Use it daily - i personally find the best results with adex come with twice a day dosing.


Cool thanks bro. What bout the SDrol? When should i start to take it? If its not to hard to explain, Why at this time?

Cheers for all the insight!