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S&C Training for My First MMA Athlete


I have been training mma for about 3 years now and strength training off and on since 2001. I am 26 now. I have made some really great gains. I have had an opportunity to learn from one of the best strength and conditioning mma coaches in the world and it motivated me to learn more scientifically about strength and conditioning vs just following what high level experts say knowing it will work.

I finally found something I love and it's all I think about lately. My goal is to be one of the most recognizable strength and conditioning coaches in the mma community. So I just finished the science and practice of strength training which was recommended to me by two different respected strength coaches. The next book I am reading is "supertraining" along with John m. Berardi's "The grapplers guide to sports nutrition".

I have 3 years done wiht a community health related degree at a major university but I dropped out years ago because it wasn't what I want to do. I am now returning to finish my bachlors in exercise science which will take about two years.

So I have sorta a unique opportunity. I am able to work on the internet which enables me to travel alot. So I am going back to thailand in febuary for 3 months along with a upcoming mma fighter who is 19 years old. This 19 year old kid walks around at 165lbs and is about 6'0". A great frame for fighting at 155lb.

He is very flexable in alot of motions (like almost put foot behind head with no hands) and also has great length. He frequents hollywood often and trains his jitz under eddie bravo and he traveled with me before to thailand. This is our second time.

So anyways to the point. This mma athlete has never really strength trained. I have gotten consulatation with a respected mma strength and conditioning coach and figured out a great strength and conditioning workout to supplement our 3-4 hours of muay thai training/day (5 days a week). The strength and conditioning will consist of 2 days each week (maining consisting of explosive core movements).

So I have an opportunity to help an upcoming athlete become more explosive/balanced/conditioned from a level where he has no stigma associated with how to strength and condition properly.

I am planning on documenting his results from day 1. I will get to work with him for a long time in the future since he is excited that I want to use him as my first student for strength and conditioning. My strength and conditioning coach is unreachable for the next month while he is training himself at bigbear so I am wondering this:

What types of measurement should I take before I get the opportunity to work with him so that I can measure how he has progressed in 3 months after thailand? Examples..... like 40 yard dash?/jumping measurements?/strength measurement?...ect.

We leave feb. 2 so I will be logging pics and results in the workout log forum on tnet.


Well, Shogun, I don't know how to answer that, but you might look back at some of Alwyn Cosgrove has written about it.


Ok great thanks. I am not familiar with him but I will get familiar with him :slight_smile:


Is there any like "standard" tests, before and after a person would want to take to measure improvements in strength and conditioning?


You need to check out some of the articles on this site.

defranco dan john eric cresey and many more
all have tests that they do before and after
with there atletes

for example cresey tests
vertical jump
broad jump
box squat
3 rep max chin up (weighted chin or pullup)

now those are just an example..

there is a ton of info on the elitefts site
from coaches about what they look for etc.
Defranco and deisel crew and angry coach all
post what they have their hs and college types do.
also to check out
robert dos remedios

Many college programs

do things
like 40,50,or 60 yd sprints
shuttle runs
triple broad jump



Hell I think I know the guy you're talking about...

IMO, what I would do:

Video tape him sparring or doing bagwork for a few rounds and document the volume of strikes he's throwing (get a clicker thingy and count). If possible get as detailed as you can as far as type of strikes, efficiency of technique, success of the strikes, etc.

You can even make a kickass chart

Do the same after working with you in thailand.

Again...kickass chart time.

This way he has DOCUMENTED PROOF of the leaps and bounds he has improved via training with you. The more detailed you get the better. Think rocky IV with the russian...

As far as "tests" I'd use something like the

800m dash for 'endurance". Which is pretty fucking grueling.

standing vertical power output

weighted chinup relative strength

and depending what you have him doing maybe a 1 arm snatch test with a dumbbell, you can make a lot of correlations between that and striking power (whether they're true or not is debatable but you can make them).

Again, Kickass chart time.

Good luck and make sure he keeps his flexibility up!


Interesting...just curious, would you know him from hollywooed or oregon lol?


Oh and thanks for the help, I will go get a video camera this weekend and video tape him this next week. I will also do everything else also.


6ft around 160, been to thailand trains at 10th planet i SHOULD know who he is... but i haven't been at 10th in a good 2-3months


He flys in periodically from time to time. He will be there from some where around jan. 26th to jan 30th to get belt tested from eddie. He always travels down to 10th planet with matt horwich (you know the weird ifl fighter and now ufc) lol. Anyways...you should catch a workout with him if you are around.


Definitly, and ya I should be around regularly after the 15th (finally moved into my new place) so i'll PM you around that time so maybe he and i can link up, get a few rolls in. what belt is he testing for?

Thailand + 10th + good S&C coach man he's going to be fuckin hard to handle!


I am not sure. He has never actually been tested from Eddie before so he has no belt currently but he thinks for sure a purple and possible a brown. In straight jitz, he will submit some of the more well known ufc fighters from team quest. Eddie actually specifically invited him down to get tested so should be exciting for him. He said he would love him to repersent 10th planet and rubber guard. He has a fight on the 24th, then down there on the 26th and then we leave on feb 2nd so he will be busy. Yeah I know he would love to meet up. If you hook up with him you can smoke with eddie to since that is like there thing lol (dont know if you are into that). Im not so much into it though lol. Yeah just send me a pm.


Is the standing vertical power output just his vertical jump? Sorry I searched the internet and youtube..didnt find anything to explain lol.