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?'s About Football and W/O's

The strength and conditioning program I have to follow for football starts monday and I had some questions about some of the lifts.

The first one is what is and how do you perform a reverse hyperextension with mini bands. The second one is what is a cable face pull and how do you perform it. I tried finding some videos on youtube but had no luck. Any help is appreciated.

Attatch minibands to weight arm at one end and the unit itself at the other.


haha i love these posts.

our highschool strength and conditioning started in january.

not to brag, but I love our program.

yeah our program is pretty lame. Its not the beginning of the strength and conditioning program just the beginning of the “summer” part of it. I have no idea if its any different from what they do during the winter because I just received the packet a few weeks ago from SHU were ill be a freshman next year.