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S.A.S, what can i do about it?

Allright guys i have what i call SAS otherwise known as sweaty ass syndrome. And i’m not talking light persperation either but torrential floods. After my tae kwon do class or a hard workout in the gym i can literally ring out my underwear. Is there anything i can do about it? its damn embarrasing to have ass sweat seeping through my uniform, considering they are white and practically see through.

yeah. quit TKD and take up brazilian jiu-jitsu or muay thai.

Coincidently, i watched a program a few weeks back about a woman who perpirated a lot under the armpits, and found that to be extremely embarassing. Like you said, she was literally flooding. What she did was get something similar done to ‘Botox injection’, which closed up the sweat glands and minimise her sweating to that on a ‘normal’ individual. This treatment lasts about 6-8 months, and would require another injection at that stage.

Alternatively you can stop learning this martial art, so you will not sweat as much anymore, or you can continue with the classes, whereby the only time you would need to practice this MA would be against your training partners who will start taking the piss out of you :slight_smile:

This is vague and I’ll write back with more info when I get more time at work to goof off but I recently read in a magazine, I think it was Men’s Health, about a procedure where a doctor can remove the glands that are responsible for production of sweat. If I remember right, they’re located around the spine and not all of them are removed so you still sweat, just not in excess. This procedure was used to treat a woman whose hands sweat too much. Now I remember! It was in my g/f’s Cosmo a couple months ago. I’ll check around and post again if I find anything more precise.

thanks for the help l_o_w_r_d_e_r. oh and to neckcranked i’m already taking Krav Maga and i hold a black belt in Aikido. i dont need to learn Braz. Jiu-Jitzu, its not nearly as effective a fighting form as many think.

dog i feel your problem. i get pretty bad ball gravy, but my ass sweats like a bitch. i dont even have to be working out. hehe one time i was on a date wearing khakis, and we were sitting on vinal seats, it was pretty hot in the restaurant, and i had a little sweat wring on my ass. so im thinking we invent some ass deodorant for the unlucky ones like us. (dont use regular deodorant on your butt, it doesnt work! ive tried it!!)

Here I thought this was a post about the Special Air Service. BJJ is very effective. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, I have had that same exact problem! In fact I still wear dark colored pants to help hide the sweat. When I used to have to wear Khackis(sp?) at work, I would actually stick a folded bandana in my jockey’s to soak up the sweat and act as a barrier.:frowning: I posted about Drysol on the training forum last week. It is a prescription product that you apply to your under arms for excessive sweating. It works awesome, I am completely dry under my arms. Down side is I started sweating from my ass. I tried applying it to my ass, I know how ridiculous, it didn’t work anyway. Herc

i’m glad i’m not the only guy out there with a sweaty ass. Mines bad enough that no matter what i’m wearing it soaks through. I did find that those Old Spice wipes helps slow it down a lot. I used to sweat heavily for a while after working out but when i used those things before and after it seemes to help. Anyone else try this?

ok folks, here it is: New Spice buttodorant. does your butt sweat non stop? its a common disease called gluteaus sweatonomous caused by sweat glands in your butt. by applying new spice buttodorant, your sweat glands will be replaced with a fresh aroma and pharamones that will attract females to your pelvic area. (unless you like that salad tossing, apply to entire pelvic area for best results.) try our variety of scents from chocolate, vanilla, kiwi strawberry, and my personal favorite, beautiful flower garden on a nice spring day. WARNING; apply only once a day because any more can result in serious ass-chaffing.

One word dude…Manpons

SHAVE! SHAVE IT ALL OFF!!! shave all that hair around your ass off and you won’t sweat as much. actually…trim it, don’t shave it :wink: also, brazalian jui jitzu is good, but only for ONE on ONE. if you are fighting a guy AND his friend, you’re kinda fucked.

DO NOT SHAVE YOUR ASS…that post was intended for another board…3snaps up in Z formation…