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S-A Program: Accountability Group

The Super-Accumulation Program has sparked a lot of interest with a lot of people, this post is for the men who are courageous to start it and determined to finish it.

That said, we all need a little help.

So if you really want to do it, sign up here and have your friends at T-Nation encourage and spur you on.

You may want to just change the title and spell out Super Accumulation. Just to avoid confusion and losing some people who might actually be crazy enough to try this. Just a thought. I await with interest the posts.

The admin was the one who changed the name. I just called it Accountability Group he added the S-A Program. Whatever.

No names yet. C’mon guys you’re getting called out.

buuuuuump. have people changed their minds? i am not going to lie, i am VERY interested to see results/hear how hard/successful this program is.

soooo… who’s in?

I wish everyone luck.

I recommend a few things:

  • take 4-7 days off from training, whatever routine you are doing now, before starting. Measure yourself before and after this break.

  • get your supplements in order before. If you skimp on them, be aware of the limitations that will cause

  • take your measurements before you before / after your initial week off training, and then again at weekly intervals.

  • you could probably prepare a lot of your meals in advance, the entire 3 weeks worth if willing to freeze up some things, or at least, stack the freezer with some meat.

  • record your lifts, will be interesting to see how they go down (and then up again)

Good luck all.


  • your reasons for doing this routine, and where you are right now e.g years training, how you are “stuck” if that is the case"

Another good tip, get out a lot of funny videos to keep your spirits up for the later stages. Never underestimate having a good laugh to keep stress under control.

Good luck to all you who are willing to put yourself through this program