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S-23 30-Day Cycle

So I have found very few reviews for S-23 SARM. So I’m gonna be keeping you updated through the cycle.I am trying to build lean muscle.

This SARM is fairly new to other SARM’s so I decided to be safe and only run 30 day cycle of one bottle of it. I am using 20mg a day (10 morning/10 night) due to the half life listed from studies. I am not starting with any AI or on cycle PCT until 2 weeks which I will start Aromasin 25mg once every other day. I will be using clomid and Nolvadex post cycle for 4 weeks.

Beginning Measurements:
HT: 6’2"
WT: 213
Waist: 36.5
Arms(flexed): 15
Chest: 43
Legs: 24

Goal(post PCT):
HT: 6’2"
Waist 34
Arms: 16.5
Chest: 44.5
Legs: 25.5
Diet: Clean
6 meals 4500 calories 330 g protein 330 g carbs a day

Day 1: Diet was low with calories, met the protein and carbs but low on calories, didn’t feel any pump or effects from S-23.

Day 2: Still adjusting diet a little but met goals and my calories were up around 4200. Didn’t feel any real effects from S-23. Sleep was good, no mood swings or any pump just yet.

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Day 3: Felt the dry feeling this morning a little, I’m drinking over a gallon of water a day and taking multiple vitamins to include magnesium that they say this sarm will deplete. Had a little pump, but no side effects, good sleep.

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