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Ryuubane's Starvation Nation Log


I've pretty much lurked here for a long time and absolutely love the site. Just wanted to start a log to keep myself accountable while I try to lose weight.

I was 260 when I started losing weight. Here are my stats now:

Stats: 6'2
39 inch waist
Body Fat%: Whale

I want to get down to 205 and be able to cut to 198 weight class for power lifting whenever needed.

I had injured my left shoulder, right glute and right hamstring from ME dead attempt. Let's just say I hadn't had enough rest before attempting the lift. I'm just coming off of rehab but I'm pretty dang weak. I figure it's a great time to get "shredded", or at least try to see my "abz". It's been awhile anyway.

I'll be following Berardi rules at first (fruits, veggies, protein, healthy fats at every meal) for diet. I've dropped 30 lbs from the Berardi rules. I will eventually switch to low carb.

I'll be doing one lift a day for now: Monday/Deads, Tuesday/Chinups, Wednesday/Dips, Thursday/Front Squats, Friday/Barbell Rows, Saturday/Bench Press.

Cardio will be performed first thing in the morning (4am) on airdyne bike starting at 20 minutes.





Monday: Aerodyne 4am (20minutes)
Deads:315x3 (felt heavy)
275 9x3
Decline Knee-Ups: BW 3x10

Tuesday: Aerodyne 4am (20minutes)
Chin-Ups: BW 10x3
Face-Pulls: 60lbsx50 (1 set)

Wednesday: Aerodyne 4am (20minutes)
Dips: 25lbs 10x3



Front Squats 95lbs 10x3 (Knee was killing me but did it anyway)

Cardio: Cut grass with push lawn mower for over an hour. (Big yard and I refuse to pay somebody to cut it and I refuse to buy a ridding lawn mower).

M1) Peri-workout: 2 scoops protein powder/ 10grams creatine/ 10grams glutamine/ 1 banana
M2) 8oz chicken/ 1 cup spinach/ 5 baby carrots/ 1 small apple/ 2oz mixed nuts
M3) 8oz chicken/ 1 cup spinach/ 5 baby carrots/ 1 small apple/ 2oz mixed nuts
M4) 1 lb bay scallops/ 1 zuchinni/ 1/4 onion/ 2 garlic cloves/ 1 small apple/ 2tbspns natty peanut butter
M5) 1/2 cup low carb blueberry yogurt with cultures
M6) 1 can tuna (packed in water)/ 4 eggs/ 2oz mixed nuts/ 1/2 tomato/ 1/2 cucumber/ 5 fish oil/1 orange


Thursday Night:

Got up and ate: 1/2 cup yogurt, 2 bananas and 3 tbspns natty peanut butter.

Friday: Skipping cardio. (Feel like poo because of what I did thursday.)
Will lift later in the day.


Keep it up!


I had many family members and friends lose there homes in a massive tornado today in Mississippi. Thank the Lord they are okay. My prayers go out to my home town.

Barbell Rows: 135lbs 10x3
Bench Press: 135lbs 10x3
No Cardio

-Diet pretty much the same as thursday but got up and ate 4 bowls of red beans and rice, 2 bowls of ice cream with peanut butter and drank a quarter gallon of milk. Um... I was hungry maybe. It's just a minor set back though.

Saturday: No workouts. Diet sucked, only ate twice. Been worrying about family.


That's weak! The other night I woke up and had half a scoop of whey/casein and 10 omega oil caps! Beat that puny man!


Sunday: No workouts

M1) Sausage biscuit/ apple fritter/ 2 blueberry donuts
M2) 1 bowl red beans and rice
M3) ham/ eggs/ grits/ 2 rolls/ ribeye/ hot tamalies
M4) 2 bowls spaghetti/ 1 chicken thigh


Workout: 10x3 Everything
Deads: 285lbs
Dips: 35lbs
Step-Ups: 35lbs
Chin-Ups: 5lbs

M1) 2 scoops protein powder; 1/2 cup carrots; 1/2 cup apples
M2) 2 scoops protein powder; 1/2 cup carrots; 1/2 cup apples
M3) 1 cup mashed potatoes; 2 pieces ham; 2 hot tamalies; 3 fried chicken legs
M4) 3 scoop protein powder/ 1 cup oatmeal/ 20 grams creatine/ 20 grams glutamine/ZMA
M5) Wendies Spicy Chicken Sandwhich with extra mayo and small fries/ 5 fish oil/ 1 liver tab

Doesn't quite seem like a weight loss regime yet does it?! I have to slowly clean my diet up or I will go crazy. At least it tastes better than protein powder and fish oil in the middle of the night! Ahahahahah............





Been sick (allergies/ head colds).

No training until feel better. Will try to stick with fruits/veggies/lean protein till better.


Why so serious?


Alrighty back to it! I'm better than last week. Allergies are pretty much down to a minimum and only had 3 small cheat meals since tuesday.


Warmup- 5 rounds of 100 revolutions of jump rope with 1 minute rest in between rounds

Deadlifts: 165x5; 205x5; 250x3; 270x5; 310x5; 350x7 (still feel weak)

Leg Curls super-set with Decline Knee-ups (3sets of 10 repetitions)
(1st set) LC 70lbs+ 2 green bands/ DK Body-weight
(2nd set) LC 70lbs+ 2 green bands/ DK Body-weight
(3rd set) LC 60lbs no bands/ DK Body-weight
[Definitely feeling weak]


Aerodyne Sprints- 4 rounds of 15 seconds work/ 45 seconds rest

DIET: 3090kcals/ 353.8g protein/168g carbs/ 117.7g fat

Carbs were mostly peri-workout and will be lower on non workout days.



Supa Cardio:
1 hour of push mowing the lawn. This is done non-stop. It's pretty dang brutal.

RESTORATION WORK: Foam Roller/ Stretching 30 minutes
DIET: 3,007kcals/ 307.7g protein/ 158.7g carbs/ 132.4g fat



5 minute Warm-Up on Aerodyne (hamstrings cramping and serious doms from monday)
Dips: 50lbs x 5/ 100lbs x 3

Smith Machine Medium Grip Floor Press: 135lbs x 21/ 135lbs x 16

Dumbbell Reverse Grip Seated Shoulder Press: 2-20's x 22/ 2-20's x 20

Reverse Press-downs: Stack+10 x 16

Normal Press-downs: Stack+10 x 14

Did no cardio after this. Hamstrings feel like a mammoth was resurrected and coerced into running vigorously across them for several hours while piranhas chewed on any leftover giblets!

Diet: 3,676kcals/ 367g protein/ 190.8g carbs/ 163g fat

Um, I might need to evenutally lower my calories in order to lose weight. Oh well... waist is 38.5 inches now. Down half an inch.


Your current diet looks like the Road to Huge to me!


Friday: (Pump Day)

Wide Grip Pull-downs: 150x19
Machine Row: 150x15
Face Pulls: 100x34
Barbell Curl: 60x21
Uni-lateral Calf Press: 75x20
Uni-lateral Leg Press: 150x22


Monday: 5/10/10

DC Calf Press 150x10

Aerodyne: 15 minutes

Front Squat: 10x3 100lbs

Aerodyne: 15 minutes

Diet: 2744kcals/ 261.1protein/ 142.8carbs/ 35g fiber/ 131.6g fat

Gonna go low carb for awhile. I want to work on getting protein up to 345g and fat up to 153g a day with trace carbs (30g or less) only. Going to have to push it to get it there.

Waist: 38inches


Tuesday: 5/11/10

Aerodyne: 15 minutes

Barbell Row: 10x3 185lbs

Aerodyne: 15 minutes


Wednesday: 5/12/10

Aerodyne: 15 minutes

Barbell Floor Press: 10x3 185lbs

Aerodyne: 15 minutes

Weight: 230lbs
So I've dropped an inch in my waist and I'm still 230lbs. Guess that will have to do.