Ryoto Machida Against...

…english, first and foremost.

I love this guy, but I cringe when he’s GnPing the lingua franca of the free world.

Dana, when will you sponsor him a sexy teacher, dammit!

Let’s discuss here if she should be a classy half Brazilian-half Irish Redhead or a half Portugese-half Japanese slut with fake blond extensions.

p.s. oh yeah, [i]and he wants to fight Brock[/i] (“Very, very power, very speed.”, interviewer: “you can speak a good english!”) sometime in the future. What a stud.

Brotards, assemble!

Lyoto strikes me as someone that’s chosen to start learning a language quite late in life to help his career prospects, and I think that’s the case. A guy with his discipline will pick it up and improve over the years, I’m sure. His plan to fight Brock I’m not a huge fan of, but he’ll have to achieve many title defenses to begin with.

He speaks English pretty well for the short amount of time he’s been fighting in the states.
Sure he is far from fluent but still much better English than guys like Anderson and Shogun.

I vote for the slut as long as she’s a good teacher(at something).

i cant criticize, he speaks english better than i speak portugese

[quote]KBCThird wrote:
i cant criticize, he speaks english better than i speak portugese[/quote]


I think his English is fine, considering he probably had no reason to speak English until he got to the UFC in 2007. I read an interview with him saying he wants to improve his English and be able to give interviews in English more often. His speech at 98 was pretty inspirational.