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Rymon Log of Lifting

It doesn’t matter. The objective is to get the volume in. If you start too light, increase the weight the next week. Lower the weight if you start too heavy.


There’s some stuff you have to figure out mate. I can’t tell you.

How much I press for what? It depends. I probably wouldn’t go over 55 kg for multiple sets 10, but for a single set I’d probably be happy to go up to 65 kg.


Yup. That’s how you learn.

im happy… today i hit chest wasnt good workout… but for triceps… i did skull crucher barbell ez and finally it didint hurt… elbow… and i could load weight…

so 30 kilo each side…nice

Huh? Either 17.5 kg each side or 22.5 kg each side. Thirty kilos each side is 80 kg, which I could get for three, maybe four or five on a really good day. The bar is 20 kg, remember?

I’ll explain why sometimes I nag at you in fear of you going off track when you read too much.

Look at this guy. I have been telling him for a year that arms are like any other bodypart. You must increase the weight lifted on at least 1 main exercise and work on mmc or all those high rep high volume pump stuff won’t work. He did the exact opposite.

Look at the only guy who posted a pic. He was doing a high intensity, low volume program where the most important thing is to increase weight or reps for 1 set of 1 exercise to failure each workout. See how big his fucking arms are.

I was seriously tempted to tag you and @Yogi1 to see if you guys had any advice for him.

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Lol there’s no point. He won’t listen. Shit, I’ve never trained arms for more than 45mins. The dude spent 2+ hours training them.

r u talknig about me? i did 2 hours arm ?
dude for trieps i do 2 moves only and for bi i do 3 like u told me… my point was elbow pian gone …

lol, I saw that but resisted the temptation.

Pretty funny that the staunchest advocate of just getting strong on the compounds has a lagging bodypart…


No I was talking about the guy who started the thread I linked in my post above. I told him how to build arms a year ago and I specifically warned him not to buy into this hypertrophy training = light weights+pump trend.

i think i bench press wrong… grip width and the line bar goes thro… i thnk im doing it wrong
shoulder starting to hurt… fort delt when i raise the arm … i lock shoulder and dpres… and elbowe is 45 dgree

i only said i can do now skull crucher using bar .;… with no elbow pain… i didint say i hate my arm… i kinda like my arm size…

I didn’t say you hate your arm. I gave you an example of someone who wasted 2 years not progressing and stated the reasons for his lack of progress so you will know what you shouldn’t do.

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I don’t really understand your description.

bench press form isnt right… elbow is 45 gree but when i go heavy i find it flaring…
i dpress and lock shoulder blades down… … am i doing it rit…

I got an email notification for this which is the only reason I saw the thread.

When did you tell me how to build arms? I don’t recall that. Can you find the post?

You’re right, but for the past year I didn’t take my own advice, doing a lot of “bodybuilding” workouts with high volume and shorter rest. Isn’t that what you advocate? E.g. light high-rep front squats and lots of lateral raises?

If I did not reply you specifically, you were definitely part of that thread because I remember we had a humorous exchange about curling in the squat rack.

Still, I have told you exactly what I wrote here pertaining to “hypertrophy training” and what the outcome would be when attempting supposedly hypertrophy specific programs without the required mmc.

Remember this:


Oh, here it is. Apologies, I was addressing the OP in that thread. And he also just started another thread on how to make arms grow in the BSL forum!