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Rymon Log of Lifting

i guess im weak egy lol

so 5x5 no faliure for over head preess?
@dt79 may i know for how lng u been lifting… and hm u militry pres…
for 5 reps? @MarkKO u too bro aswer it…
i need some ab work cuz i never do abs…

@rymon511 I’ve been barbell training for two years now. My best press for five is 170 lbs (77.5 kg), but that’s not 5x5 rather it was my plus set this week.

Yes, 5x5 is a good option to bring your press up, and definitely don’t go to failure. I think you may be better off going 3x5 and then dropping down to around 50% and doing 5x10 though.


3x5x135 lbs

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Around 12 years total lifting. 1 year olympic lifting. Over 20 years of lifting plus reading stuff from Arnold’s books to Supertraining. After all this, I am telling you the most effective way to reach YOUR goals.

Keep this shit simple.

Don’t believe everything you read or think you’re an expert because you have read a lot of stuff. Even Mel Siff has thrown out misleading interpretations of “science”.

I have always done some version of an overhead barbell press, seated, standing etc. I am currently pressing less and using different dumbbell raises instead because I’m getting older and I want to minimize joint stress.

how… i wanna go lift leve just like that…

boring but big stuff? what u thik @dt79
on these 5 x 10 no faliure too ?
the simple ab rotuine for amssive ab strnght … ?
the dayi was feeling crab i went back to gym 5 hrs later and did back… was fine workout

Are you not understanding what I’ve been telling you or do you think there’s some big secret I’ve been withholding from you that you’re eventually going to find from some clown on the internet doing emg studies on himself in his basement?

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u got me wrong… and sorry it may been my fault cuz my culnt explan it…
frist i tho9ught miltry press was not important…
2nd i always asknig about exsesize form… not new porgram or new moves unless i need to raplce somwething and that wont be now cuz my porgram is workng… i ask about some thing i find internsting thats it… my porgram is the same…

Okok let me try to explain this in another way.

No, the military press is not important. You can get big using any overhead press machine you find in the gym as long as you increase the weight lifted over time.

So why use the military press?

  1. To progress at this point when you have not developed your mmc and do not have enough experience in the gym, the only thing you can do is ADD WEIGHT TO THE BAR using an exercise that you can do without having to worry too much about hitting the intended muscle. You know for yourself that it’s harder to feel the delts working doing a side raise without the mmc.

  2. It is a lift that, like the bench press, will make you want to chase numbers to look like a badass in the gym and boast about them online so you will be putting in the extra effort pushing yourself to increase the weight as opposed to using a machine. Have you ever heard anyone declare his lifetime goal is to add 200lbs to his Hammer Strength Behind the Neck Machine Press?

1st, again, you need to practice flexing the muscle and trying to do the same during your dumbell movements and isolation exercises. 2nd, this takes TIME. 3rd, you think about the muscle, not the form. Your form can look completely wrong but it doesn’t matter as long as you are using the muscle to move the weight correctly.

Regarding Jay Cutler…

Jay Cutler trains the way he trains also to prevent injury from heavy lifting. When you reach this stage, lifting becomes BORING. I have been training in a similar way for some time to give my joints a break and I fucking hate it. I will start lifting heavy again in a couple of months because I like throwing heavy shit around and that is how I’ve had the most progress. Enjoy your time as a noob and don’t keep thinking about advanced stuff. You’ll get there in a couple of years.

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To paraphrase: put your head down, do the work and stop thinking for a while.

ok shouler day work…wont tell warm ups and weight i will type is easch side of barbell
4 sets of 5 standing press 2 sets 10 kilo 2 sets 15… wasnt light … this move isnt easy…
5 x 10 standing press used dumbell not bar sorry mike
cable side delt raise 4 sets of 15 rope upright row… 4 set of 15 super set with pull up 4 rpes was my max
rear delt dumbell work… 4 sets of 5 kilo ddint coulnt reps
the plate overhead raise 4 set of 25
shurgs using dumbell with pause 3 sets…
abs did 2 sets of 25 aKILLED ME
i forgot 2 sets of dips 14 reps each warm up

idk i will ask for u :smiley:

Yep, it’s tough when you start. I’d drop to three sets of five with 10 kg per side until that stops being tough. Using DB for the 5x10 is OK, but remember that it’s different to a barbell press. Arguably using the bar for the 5x10 would improve your barbell press faster, but you should be fine to use DBs if you prefer.

using barbell for 5 sets what weight…

Same as you used for your first two sets today: 10 kg

u want me don[quote=“MarkKO, post:297, topic:216814”]
I’d drop to three sets of five with 10 kg

u want me to do 3 sets of 5 with 10 then 5 sets of 10 reps with 10 ?i was akgin about the 5 sets…
@dt79 u there

This is how I’d do it:

3x5 at a weight you could do for 3x8

5x10 at a weight you could do for 5x12

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that would be 17.5

that idk and how much u press? if i may ask

same goes for all mian lifts