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Rymon Log of Lifting


@dt79 yes, he is. He’s looking for someone to tell him he’s doing a great job and he’ll get jacked as hell and lean in a few months and strong to boot. Unfortunately for him, we’re all being honest and trying to help him. It’s a hard life.


okay!! [quote=“dt79, post:667, topic:216814”]
How is it possible to be confused about this lol? Your lifts go up. Your muscles are bigger. The scale goes up. It’s like asking, “How do you know water is wet?”

cuz somtimes scale goes down but pull up gets better… and sometimes scale up and weights r still the same [quote=“dt79, post:667, topic:216814”]
are you looking for different answers?

no im not[quote=“MarkKO, post:668, topic:216814”]
He’s looking for someone to tell him he’s doing a great job and he’ll get jacked

no i wasnt that was funny …
well guys i got an idea… do u know my fintness pal app…it counts food and caloiurs for u… u think it can help me eatig right?


I’ve been using it since the beginning of the year. I like.


If the scale goes down, pull ups should get better because you’re lifting less weight than before. If the scale goes up and you aren’t lifting more weight, that would be a sign of overeating.

@dt79 is saying you should be pushing yourself to be moving more weight everytime you train. Your goal should be to move more weight at this point, and doing that will ensure you gain muscle.


so[quote=“T3hPwnisher, post:671, topic:216814”]
doing that will ensure you gain muscle.

more strnjth… more muscle…? thats it?
todday weight check…191.8
190 last time
punsiher… werent u the guy who told me to bench squat and raw 3 times a week?


@T3hPwnisher actually wasnt u llol


@dt79 im just chatting here not changing workout…


No. Making an effort to increase the weights on your lifts while eating well creates more muscle.


thats the catch… lol


im gonna post my food and u guys tell me how u like… new food update… okay?


Wasn’t me either. Didn’t think it looked like a program I’d write.


@dagill2 u write porgrams? who r u… i dragged u here LOL sorry


I don’t think it is.


bro… did u see how i lift in logs what u think ? @T3hPwnisher :smiley:
@dt79 got so weak on shoulder press idk why… shoulder is weak point now


i will tell u stuff about me @dt79 @T3hPwnisher @MarkKO
i always thought i was less of a man… cuz of being fat and weak as fuck.this is true and been like that my whole life…i seeing your boyka on tv when i was 15 and i was like tf can human be that cool? then i got into this bodybuilding shit and u nkow the rest… always been over 237 lbs… ya belive it or not… at age 16 i was that heavy… thats why i always thought i was not enough… thats why today iam always mad if scale goes up… i know im bulking right now but scale is near 88 and im so not cool … u understand now? thats why i doubt every thing …

@dt79 new photos taken today… notice leg quad and hams… and look at lats and upper traps … i kinda like it rate what i post its why i post photos @MarkKO u too
chest still suck lol @T3hPwnisher u wellcome to comment
belly suck in all the time


I understand what you’re saying. I’ve been there. The best you can do is trust the process and stay focused. Changing your approach every time you hit a tiny bump is the worst thing you can do.


But that does not change what needs to be done. You can’t stay at 188 and hope to magically build muscle out of nothing. However bad you may feel or how you have suffered in the past does not have any effect on the eventual outcome of your actions.

I told you that you can either bulk and accept the fat gain or cut and accept that you are going to look small and may not get stronger for some time. You have not been willing to make a decision for months. Instead, you are looking for new exercises, different splits and funny ways to make the muscle burn and all that shit instead of solving the actual problem.

In life, that is like waiting for a handout or praying to strike the lottery while staying financially stagnant despite wanting much more, instead of making objective decisions and the required sacrifices for your goals. It’s how losers think. I grew up around these types of people. Your situation is different but the thought process is always the same. After nothing happens for too long, you start to want to bring others down to your level or use your problems in the past as an excuse instead of trying to advance yourself.

I think all of us here are willing to spend time helping you because we were impressed by the effort you displayed in your initial transformation. I personally do not think you are a loser nor do I doubt your conviction. It is your inability to man up and make a decision that’s holding you back. Don’t be a fucking Nancy.


If your goal is to use photos to accurately measure your progress, I highly recommend that you take them in the same spot, from the same distance, with the same lighting, in the same poses. I feel like every progress photo you take is in a different room from a different distance, which isn’t going to really help here.


I agree. Good intentions mean jack shit if they aren’t acted on sensibly.


alright i told u i wanna be hug and i wanna be more strong… im not cutting right now
1> scale shoud not be ging down
2>i should be getting stronger…
i am eating more to gain not less and its okay i get littile fat now…
@dt79 what u think of new photos
@T3hPwnisher i just shoot i dont know how to pose
@dt79 so its ookay for me now to go above 90 kilo ?
i lovw how my back looks lol