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Rymon Log of Lifting

hi guys this is me rymon… and i wanna be the typical bodybuilder body… been fat my whole life.
my numbers now bench 6 reps x 190 lbs…squat 260 lbs x5. .and some photos of me here too

this me me before and after 225 to 179… about 5 month work no cardio done…

7.30 am 5 egg whihite and 1 yolk and whole grean bread… 11 am 5 egg whit e and 5 yolk and 200 gream chttge cheese and whole grain bread… 5 pm half the bread again and some protien red meat or chiken breast or 2 tuna can no oil or macrill fish 2 of it or animail liver about 40 gram protien of that…some tomato with it… then 1 hr later gym time… then post workout shake and 4 dates and the shake has whey and creatine… goes home eat tuna can or any thing like the launch again and have some kiwi… then glass of milk then sleep… every day i have c3 cups of coffe+ cinmoun+ginger+clove + honey … also some sunflower seed and beanuts… and i drink water like human


That is good progress. Really good, in fact.

what u like that much… and thanks

Just look at the first two pictures. That’s a big change.

BTW, have you considered including hummus and foul maddamas in your diet (hopefully I spelled them right) as carb sources? I can’t imagine tastier options.

Of course I remember you. I commented on your log so I get notifications. With the new system that’s the only way.

I couldn’t see a photo with socks, but your recent ones look good. What I like is that you got leaner and muscular everywhere, not just chest or shoulders or legs only. I’m the wrong guy to ask about aesthetics though, because I don’t know much about it. I just want to get strong without getting fatter.

I think foul would be healthy, especially right after training. Or for breakfast.

the socks photo man…what u think… i like my legs… lol

Well, you sure look happy. Legs are good. Overall, like I said, you’ve done the work and are getting the results. Settle in for the long haul, because now is when it starts to get interesting.

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mark… thanks for saying i changed man… made me happy thanks motivited me too brother… didint use the 5 3 1 tho… old workout still appliyed
back day last night log>> assiited amchine nutrual grips pull up 2 warm up sets of 8 then 3 sets of 8 to faliure and last set of 6 withut the machine FINALLY
barbell row 3 x 12 doryan high angle style… felt it traps so good… faliure the last 2 sets
dumblell row nutrual pronted grip 3x 12 frist set with the 25 kilo 2nd set 10 reps with the 30 kilo… felt kinda heavy since i can do the 40 kilo easly these days… and last set 9 reps 35 kilo rest pause 5 sec and hitting another 2 reps… falure the last 2 sets too
cable row close grip the usual handle,…3 x 15…12…12 falure all…didint feel any thing any where lol
then cable 1 hand motorbike row low cable 3x12 felt good strtch no falure too… then dumbell pullover cuz i missed pulls over 3 x 15 with 20 kilo dumbell… then face pulls 1 set light of 15 pause at button… then 2 sets of heavy of 12 too… falure…gotta work that roater cuff thingy… :)) then left the gym …

That doesn’t matter. You kept doing what you were doing and got results. The results are what are important, not the method used to achieve them.

As you progress, you may find you need to change some things - but you may not.

I suspect you have learned a lot in the last few months.

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what u thiknk of my workout… u know kilos…right? also i read alot… man lifting is so important to me i dont even enjoy my cheat meals any more… no cheating i stopped

I think your weights are fine, because you’re getting results. Remember, you want a certain look so what weight you use to get it doesn’t matter too much. You’ll still increase your strength along the way.

Down the track you may decide to spend some time just getting stronger and then the weights will matter but right now as long as you’re getting bigger you don’t need to worry about what weight is getting you there.

Be careful about only enjoying your lifting. There’s more in life. Definitely lifting can be what keeps you going in bad times, but try to enjoy other things too.

im dying right here … gym is closed and its easter… for god sake i need a barbell … i feel really bad… also i wanna becom e a beast i fixed my squat form by pushing knee littile out… now its finally sore quad… quiendt do 260 did only 220 for 4 reps… but got better feeling…

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@rymon511 here’s something to keep you busy:

10 push-ups/1 lunge each leg
9 push-ups/2 lunges each leg

See where I’m going? Work down to 1/10 and then back up if you really want to.

bro how long been u lifting to reach that mucvh heavy on bench… also did u always lift like pwwerlifter? i saw ur vid… no spotter… a badd ass u ar mark… i demand ur guideness :smiley:

You are very kind but my bench compared to many others my size is quite weak. In competition many guys in the 100 kg class bench 145-165 kg, some even more.

In answer to your question, it took me just under two years to get my bench to where it is now - about a year to go from 90 kg to 110 kg and then nine or so more months to go from 110 kg to 135 kg. Most of my progress was technical. Once I learned how to set up and what width grip to use it was just a matter of volume at moderate weights which allowed me to practice my setup and technique. The rest of the progress was building my upper and middle back and gaining weight (85 to 103 kg from mid 2014 to now).

For bench, yes, I’ve always lifted like a powerlifter because that’s the only reason I started benching. From 2012 to 2014 I trained and competed in kettlebell sport, which is a horrible sport needing endurance more than anything. I wasn’t good at it.

With spotters, I rarely have any. I use the face saver bars instead, and now I rarely attempt a weight I’m not completely sure I can complete. That means I don’t often miss lifts.

In terms of guidelines:

  1. Learn to set up correctly (this applies to every lift). That doesn’t mean having a huge arch, just lock your shoulders down, push your chest up, keep your butt on the bench at all times and push your feet hard into the floor and keep all that going during every rep. You can work on arching if you want, but unless you’re a powerlifter there’s no need;

  2. Learn the correct technique: grip width, touch point on your chest and bar path. Your grip width and touch point generally are determined by what width and point allow you to keep vertical forearms and your wrist directly above your elbow. The bigger your arch, the lower down your chest you can touch and still achieve this. Your bar path should usually be either straight up or a little towards your head;

  3. Practice your setup and technique: treat **every ** rep the same, either with an empty bar or your max weight. Personally, I have found doing three sets of five at 65-75% every time I didn’t train bench specifically very effective - doesn’t matter if you’re training back, legs, arms, whatever. Get in those moderate sets of five every training day if it isn’t bench day.

  4. Train your upper and middle back. The stronger your upper and middle back the better you’ll be able to lock your shoulders down and keep your chest up. Also, the thicker your upper back the shorter distance you’ll need to move the bar (same goes with your chest. My favourites are: heavy dumbbell rows, barbell rows, chest supported rows and band pull aparts. For rows, 3-5x10-15 is good I think. For pull aparts, 1-3x20-50. For every set of bench, do at least one set of rows. Do pull aparts every day.

  5. Get into the habit of never missing lifts. That means you have to be patient and not push for maxes. Instead, go for rep PRs. Unless you’re 90% sure you can make the lift, don’t attempt it.

  6. Don’t complicate your assistance pressing. I think until your regular bench technique is automatic and doesn’t change no matter what do no other bench variations like close grip, board press, etc. My favourites are: standing military press, dumbbell incline press, barbell incline press (same grip width and setup as bench press) and dips (not bench dips). For all of those I like 3-5x8-12.

Hope that helps.


well… how many assisitnce for chest or bench day… also u do 8 sets of 3 or 2 reps why… is these sets taken to faliure… i was checking ur blog man… also my diet… i had to take today a cheat day… easter day u know… thats why gym closed… im dying right here

Assistance is just that: assistance. It isn’t the biggest deal. Generally I’ll do three to five sets of eight to 15. Right now, it’s 5x10 - Jim Wendler says if in doubt do five sets of 10 and that’s good enough for me. I never take them to failure. I don’t see the point. They’re just there for balance and assistance.

BTW, I always write setsxreps, so 5x10 is 5 sets of 10 reps.

I think generally one to three assistance exercises is plenty. For you, because you want to get bigger thee is probably good. I’d go one pressing exercise and two rowing exercises. That way, you can have a bigger, heavier row followed by a lighter one.

For example:

Bench press - main exercise however you want to train it but I’d recommend 5x5, 5x3 or something because irs easier to practice technique with lower reps, plus you’ll be able to use slightly heavier weights (75-85%)
Press assistance - 5x10
Heavy row - 5x10
Light row - 5x15 - you could probably take the last set to failure if you want.

Then on the other days, where you just do 3x5 at 65-75% bench to practice just add a few lighter sets of rows after. I am convinced of all assistance, rowing is the most productive across all the big lifts. It’s helped me hugely.

The eight sets of two or three were when I did dedicated speed work. It worked, but isn’t necessary. It was more a way to do bench but without it being too heavy. It definitely isn’t particularly helpful for size, but if you do want to add volume to a lift it’s an option.

doing row on chest day? what about back day

also mark do u do cardio work or condthion

Both. Like I said, any time you bench or do any press, do as many sets of rows. If you follow my suggestion of doing 3x5 moderate bench sets every day you train to practice benching, that means you do at least three sets of rows every day you train. On back day, you’d probably do a lot more rows than three sets.

Yes, I do now. I often use my skipping rope between assistance sets and gradually increase how much over time. Currently I do 60 reps of skipping between assistance sets so I get a total of 600 per session. Other days I so prowler pushes after my training, and on days off I do sprints or skipping or carry a heavy sandbag for a walk.