Rye and Barley

Question: are rye (common/cereal) and barley flakes good for anything?
Especially rye, as I find it much easier to eat. It says rye contains 77,4g of carbs/100, 10,5 of protein(NO, I’m NOT dumb enough to use rye as a protein source) and 3 of fat(and 1,8 of fibre).
Thanks, Thorn

I use simple cereal grains PWO with Grow!. I switch it up usually some various type of puffed grain like rice, wheat, Kamut. Throw some fruit in their.

In short look at it as a simple carb source. something that will spike insulin. Dont expect a lot of nutritonal value. Go for the least processed you can find. etc… Also rey flour itself Is supposed to have additional benefits, which escape me at the moment sorry.

Hope that helps,

Well, it’s flakes, nothing added (so I guess it’s completely natural).