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Rybakou Snatches 191kg @ 89kg

At the Belorussian Champs. Looks easy too.

Rybakou 191/210 @ 89

Aramnau 200/240 @ 108

Christ on a bike!

What the …

Rybakov’s 191 snatch is one of the greatest ever, it’s better than Blagoy Blagoev’s 190@90!
In fact it’s bigger than the 94 kg WR…

Aramnov’s total was at the World Standard for 105 kg, but still, the blond guy took the show, I think.

Nice video that was.

Too bad the size of the audience was seemingly in direct proportion to the impressiveness of Rybakou’s snatch. There were only a handful of people there.

Funny that it was never on the IWF site calendar. Has anyone seen the actual results?

I think it was “unofficial”, i.e. probably not tested, so it’s not an official WR.

I wonder how much lower it will be at the olympics, hehe

Anyways that was freaky strength, he is pretty young also if I remember so he might have several medals in his future…

Not as young as Aramnau (he was 19 at last year’s Worlds).

Seeing that just get me even more excited for Beijing, thanks ninearms.


Another video:


Uh, Blagoyev’s best snatch was 195.5@90kg, FYI.

I wonder why Rybakou only decided to move up to 191 for his last snatch after he nailed 190…