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Ryan's Video Nutrition Thread


Recipes, Ideas, Nutrition Q&A

I've had a few posts with my recipes and nutrition videos in the past in this forum, and it was suggested that I start a single thread for them instead of making multiple threads. I'll aim to throw up a video or two per week.

This thread is going to be dedicated to those videos, any new videos I come out with on nutrition, anyone else's nutrition related content, and any Q&A on whatever anyone wants to bring up as well.

I'll begin with a breakfast video. A had a GST client ask me about breakfast, and decided to answer her question with a video response:


how about some good homemade protein bar recipes that dont taste like chalk. LOW FAT.


I had a small business a couple of years back that sold homemade protein bars. I've got some GOOD recipes! I'm just not sure if I want to share them yet.......


dont be selfish! haha

or.. PM me and i'll keep your secrets safe in my stomach


It's more of a money thing to be honest. We sold our bars all over the country, and people were requesting them in Europe too. We stopped making them because of the time it took us to make them without turning into a bigger facility.

In short, the recipes are still great, and they might make a come back in the future!


brooooo, lame.


Posting this up made me hungry.......time to eat and get my recovery on!




To me and many others, eating cottage cheese any other way is obsolete!


While I appreciate what you are doing..or trying to do..I just don't get it bro. You're "recipes" consist of taking cottage cheese and putting flavored yoplay yogurt and dumping some frozen berries.

There is a website in which people make legit, baked protein deserts from protein powder, almond meal, flax meal, cocoa powder and all sorts of other things. I can see that being useful because of the complexity.

I dump protein powder in my oatmeal and in greek yogurt...but, you don't see me making videos and posting them of me measuring out 8oz of greek yogurt and a scoop of protein and mixing it up with some cinnamon. Lol, isn't it just common sense that you can put protein powder in yogurt? Or yogurt in cottage cheese..?


Haha bro, but you just dont GET it...

Check out my famous PV Super Cottage Cheese.

Cottage Cheese
Whatever else might be tasty (fruit, protein powder, peanut butter)

1) Put desired ingredients in bowl
2) Mix them up (or don't, whatever you like)
3) Enjoy! Feel the anabolism!!!


I see these videos being useful because they are NOT complex! I am providing ideas for people with realistic time to make meals, not a personal chef sitting around their house. If people want complex recipes, they'll find them, no worries on my part.

I can tell you that people do enjoy these ideas and do implement them, and that is what I do what I do. I have a community of people who enjoy my content, and there will always be people who don't get it.....however, that is alright with me.

It might be common sense once you're presented with the idea. However, you have to remember that not everyone is experienced in the food department and some people benefit from being presented with an idea. Just because something seems simple to you, that doesn't mean it is simple/common sense to everyone else, ya know?

I have complex recipes as well, but I don't feel like putting them out there because it isn't my niche at the time. I'm glad you appreciate what I'm doing, thanks for the comments.



lmao - this is the generation of online videos!. I'll be scrolling through youtube and I can't believe how many young guys who obviously love bodybuilding make tons and tons of 'instructional videos' on eating and training, without any real accomplishments to tout their own credibility.

In the meantime, some can actually develop cult status online, while others just seem to argue with each other about what they've read with weekly "response" clips... it's really pretty funny in a sad sort of way IMO.

I don't think Ryan's vids are horrible my any means, but there are ones out there from seriously accomplished athletes and trainers that get much more creative in terms of 'recipes' and certainly much more indepth in terms of exercises performance and protocols. Those are the ones that should be more widely viewed if you ask me.



Without the accomplishments behind them, I agree with you. I'm proud to not be one of those guys. Thanks for the compliment as well.

It's really all about what that person wants to be putting out, even if they are highly accomplished. Maybe they don't want to eat complex recipes, as they take time to make and will be gone in one or two meals anyway. IMO, the most popular YouTube channels do NOT put out the best information. Many of them are popular because they are entertaining, not because of their quality of information, which is what average gym members really want; entertainment.

My goal is to provide ideas that are simple, yet effective, and I feel that I am accomplishing that.


This type of pancake recipe opens up a whole new world of flavored delicacies. Use whatever mix you'd like and have at it!


I'm one of those people always looking for simple ways to get the desired calories/macros in. I appreciate videos like these and I like to see them in tnation as opposed to looking through a million things in youtube.
I have a problem getting my calories high enough cleanly and I have very little free time so I like seeing an easy 900 calorie breakfast with 5 ingredients.
To the breakfast video though, it seems pretty high in simple carbs: brown sugar, orange juice, chocolate milk. Would this be detrimental to health/fat to have so much sugar? Or is it fine as long as you're in your calorie and macro range?


First off, thanks for the positive feedback! Glad to know you're being helped by my vids; it's why I make them.

One tip to help get that calorie count up is to make sure to consume enough fat calories on a daily basis. Many people just focus on protein and carb intake, letting the fats fall where they may. This is a mistake, and fats should be held as high on the nutritional totem pole as protein and carbs. In fact, fats should be held higher in importance than carbs in all reality.

When you total things up, you're really not looking at crazy numbers. As you put it, there are around 50 grams of 'simple carbs.' Realistically, the differences in how simple and complex carbs effect your body become awfully blurred when other foods are being digested at the same time and the body is not in a fasted state. Although some carbs are structurally 'simpler' than others, the degree of which their effect on the body differs is negligible.

I believe in eating healthy foods as often as possible, but I'm also not afraid to drink a glass of orange juice because of the 'simple' carb content, drop a few grams of brown sugar into my oatmeal, or intake some milk sugar. The day I stop eating/drinking fruit/milk due to the complexity of their carbs is the day I start using tricep kickbacks as my number one mass building exericse!

IMO, here is my priority list for nutrition:

  1. Hit my daily calorie goal
  2. Roughly obtain my target daily macronutrients using micronutrient dense foods whenever possible

Yes, I feel focusing on intaking the right calorie number is more important than hitting specific macronutrient numbers. For example, I know my macros ROUGHLY each day, but I don't worry about hitting them specifically. However, I do know my total calorie intake at the end of each day. I haven't counted macros in years, as I use a simpler and equally effective approach that requires less worry and stress.


You're telling people (apparently your targeted audience is complete tards) to eat muffin mix, sugar, chocolate milk, bread, and Yoplait yogurt.

I don't get it, either.

But you do have that nifty gung-ho 'You can do it!' PC trainer attitude, so that's cool.


Care to explain what part of eating those foods you 'don't 'get?' I'm very curious to hear your reasoning for not consuming those foods.

Oh, and I have the 'you can do it' attitude because I help people around the world who ARE making changes to their strength, size, body fat, etc on a daily basis. In short, I have the attitude because for the people I work with, 'you can do it' is a reality.

I appreciate your posting in my thread and am looking forward to you enlightening me on your reasoning behind your condemning such foods as bread and yogurt, as well as the others listed above too.