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Ryan's Training Log

Ok since other “training logs” have been popular I decided that with my new “cycle” Im going to do the same. Here are my stats:

Bench Max- 135lbs
Squat Max 215lbs
Deadlift Max- 150lbs

Waist line-31 inches
Weight- 147
Height 5’5
Right Leg (at calfs peak)- 14 1/2 inches
Left Leg (at calves peak)- 15 inches
Right Arm (at bicep peak- 13 1/2 inches
Left arm (at bicp peak)- 13 inches

This is my schedule for workouts.
Monday- 20 rep squat; deadlifts; lunges; glute ham raises; good morning; calf raises

Tuesday- BB Bench; BB Inclined press; Scarecrows (cable back pull); Skull crushers (triceps); Preacher Curls

Wednesday- 20 Rep Squat; leg press; reverse dumbbell lunges; calf raises

Friday- 20 rep squat; lunges; glute ham raises; good morning;

Sunday- BB Bench; BB inclined; rows; pully tricep extension; BB curls (biceps); military press; DB rais(shoulders)

Let me know what you think ok. Ill try and keep you posted on my caloric/protein intake.

Any advice/critizem?? Take in mind Im more of as ATHLETE and not a body builder. I play QB and am starting HIgh school next year. THANKS EVERYONE

Your program looks good, i would do more upper back work.

So, did you decide you didnt like any of the programs that were suggested to you in your other log ? I still think you should take another look at Westside for Skinny Bastards, its a great program for football players, it even has conditioning built into the plan.