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What a damn boring title :slightly_smiling:

I have talked to one of the prominent authors on the site and he gave me some thoughts even though he has a very busy scheulde and normally do that for money he was nice enough to exchange a couople emails. Basicaly he told me I better gain like hell now. Also another respected large memeber from the forums told me the same thing. So in light of that I better get my gain on. I wanted to run the experiment another week to see how it would go but oh well. Some other time. Its a tool in tool box now.

Bascially medical school starts in Aug and I have pretty much unlimited time to train, I could train all day most days. And I have unlimited access to free food (living at home to try and save just a bit of money before i become completely broke for 8 years or so). So bascially I have everythign going for me in terms of being able to make some quality gains. Med school will put a damper on time/stress/money ect. so gaining will be smaller and slower obviously still able to progress but the variables are just not as good.

As my goal is to get pretty freaky huge and I have a lanky physique which will take a ton of mass to fill out, I need to just get my gain on and not worry about the fat gain. This will be the hardest part for me. I will post some pics of my current state which is the most fat i think I have ever had. So pchycologically letting that go will be very hard. FML

I will be going back to a 6 day split. Mon-arms/rear delts/lateral delts, Tues- off long fast lots of walking, Wed-Shoulders/Traps, Thus-Quads, Friday-Back, Sat-Chest/Tri, Sun-Hammies.

I will be doing a 16/8 or so all days except mon which will be more like 20/4 or 22/2 and very low cal (1000 from pro) the rest of the days will 4500-6000 depending on the body part. High carb high pro, fat low relative to the others. I will be training mostly fasted and will be backloading carbs at night.

Workout volume will go back to being pretty crazy because i love it. I will use a volume weight progression. Week 1 will be 3 work sets and 2 sets with 20% less weight in the same rep range. Then week 2 i will add a work set and drop an extra set( maybe depending on feel). Week 3 repeat so I am up to 5 work sets. Week 4 drop back to volume from week 1 no increase in weight, which will serve as a partial deload, then up the weight for the 3 work sets and start a new week 1. May sound confusing but after you see a couple workouts you will get it. Also the first lift for everything but back will be done in a sort of ramp starting aroundn 60% of max ramping up to 80% or so and then doing a couple cluster or rest paused sets which will increase in number as the weeks progress.

Should be fun any questions or comments I would love to hear or ansewr

Also if you want more background feel free to ask but I have another thread in the indigo logs but wanted to put one hear jsut in case others wanted to comment. But if you want some more details ask I have posted everything already so its no big deal. But i dont want to type things that people wont even care to read.


relaxed this the end of march


... Oh yeah my posing is gawd awful i know






I'm right there with you on having to up the stakes gaining wise (specifically: calories in). Sounds like in your situation your only choice is to get it done right now or forever regret it! Ha.

In for the ride. Height/weight now? Are you quite sensitive to carbs? I'm sure you'll stay relatively close to that level of leanness, it is not beyond what is maintainable whilst gaining at all.


Good to have you. Numbers i put will be much smaller than urs. Damn u


6ft. 195-197ish.

Me and carbs get along quite well. Me and fats not so much. I have tried stints of lower carb and higher fat and energy levels just arent there for me. Maybe I didnt give it long enough but I have always just run better with a much higher carb, although i will kill 1/4 jar of PB from time to time. My pro intake is higher than most but that is just because i love pretty much all sources of pro. Any lean meat in large quantites, non fat greek yogurt, non fat CC ect. All my favorite foods.

I will be around that but from the sounds of i will need to accept some to really maximize this short period of time. I will have no problem tearing it off when it comes time. And when my budget comes in effect and putting down that amount of food will no longer be possible. :slightly_smiling:

Glad to have you following along


Another thing I find it hard to do things in an intermediate intensity. I eight go all out 500% or 0%. This applies to everything in my life for better or worse. When i lift its really all or nothing. Not saying i push every set to failure but I have a freind who will lift with me an that type of intesity is not there. He cant even make it through one of my workouts.

When i finally got serious about lifting Jan 2011 I reaad literally everything i oculd find and continue doing this. This of course leads me to try and micro mangage and play around with a lot of the things i learn lol. In school if it was a class i would like I would read everythign for calss study my notes (not for long because i seem to be able to get away with less study time) but basically i would have everything memorized for tests. If i didnt like the class i could barely pick the book up or notes up. So when it comes to gaining or losing i apply the same thing. i would rather eat like crazy and gain or cut really hard. Thats why i gravitate towards RFL for cutting. Which i see as easier than draggin out a smaller deficient. Of course this is not going down to very low levels so that is why it works for me. Not saying this is good its just mentally how i do things.


Interesting, look forward to seeing your progress, we're pretty similar weight wise, I'm 192-193 morning weight @ 5ft 10" and pretty similar leanness to yourself.


Couple training maxes that I have hit. Weak sauce yes

Push press- 225
Strict OHP- 190
Front squat- 245x3 (could do more but poor mobility tweaks my knee going higher for now)


^ With you being all tucked away in the Indigo forums, I didn't realise you'd hit those numbers, don't think anyone could rightfully call you weak. I will be trying to chase you on the pressing but I know we are both shooting for massive increases across the board.


Apprecaite it. I still see it as weak because of those damn ppl like ebomb bug spartee and the many others on this board. You will proabbly surpass my bench as i really only do Floor press. The over head work has moved to seated high incline now until i getter mobility in my shoulders hopefully i dont lose much from those two lifts.

Prime motivation for my endevour

Off season BBers: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/...93&pageNo=0
And Plers are Fatties: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/...38&pageNo=0


Friend that can't keep up, OUCH! Look forward to being able to comment instead of lurking in the background. Keep up the work man!


Wasnt you I was reffering too lol. You can keep up just fine. In fact you have been through quite a few of my workouts now. Of course most of those just being arms workouts but that will change soon now that my split is landing on some diff days.


Yeah, those are the sort of heights I'm aiming for too as long as it could take. Ton of inspirational guys on these boards.


Definitely will be following. Would love to hear about your diet as well as training. Just began adding CBL into a 16/8 and believe there's a lot to learn from you.


Well the last week I spent experimenting with what most would call pretty radical. It worked out and I liked it. Long semi fasts with large timed over feeds.

Its been carb backloading so my schedule use to be

6-7 days a week 30-40min fasted cardio very low intensity i hesitate to even call it cardio

noon or 1 a salad followed by 5-8oz of lean meat
400 workout with whey and bcaas pre workout
600 conclude workout 630ish starts food time preceded by leucine and dextrose
630-930or 1030 depending on the day 4000-6000 cals consumed. Mostly carbs 200 ish pro and incidental fats.

Now it will go closer to day

Workout will start 230-4 depending on day. It will break my fast with whey and bcaas
Post workout feeding period will be the same 630-930ish consuming all my cals/macros for the day

I do beleive some great things happen in the bodies biochemistry with fasting and feasting and feasting post workout is amazing.

Any more specific questions i would be happy to answer


4/23/2012 Arms rear delts

Dips: Bwx10, +45x8, +70x7, +80x10,10,9 +65x10,9 DS BWx10
Ez curls: +30x10, +50x8, +75x10,9,8,8 DS +50x9, +30x10
Ez pressdown/DB alt curl: 144/40x10/10, 144/45x10/9, 10/8 switched to cross body curl: 144/30x9/8, 9/8
Ez overhead cable ext/DB preacher curl (long stretch big squeeze): 120/30x12/10, 12/9, 12/9, 11/8, 10/8
Rope pressdown wide/together/EZ cable overhead/reverse pressdown/pressdwon: 3 sets
KB Bicep Tri set: 3 sets (done as rest for rope press downs)
DB rear delt swings/Rear delt machine fly: 45/95x40/12, 35/11, 30x11
Rear delt machine fly: 120x10 +4+3+3+3+3

Abs were done in between most sets.

Good workout. Dips are progressing curls are as well. The first two exercises are a bit more strenght oriented but still feeling target muscles. The rest is mostly pump/stretch. The pump was absolutelky nutz. Could barely get water to my mouth. The rear delt work was good. Huge burn/pump. Hopefully this help them grow a bit. Arms day is just such a small muscle group i wanted to add some extra work in

Also done today 40min fasted elyptical while reading a book. 35min walk before workout 20min post workout. Did some extreme streching for arms and also for my insanely tight hips/hamstrings.

Tomorrow is an extended fast day (my only one on the week). So cals will be low tomorrow. Today will be 450-500g carb. 300-350g pro and fat where it falls.


In 4 Volume + CBL